Tanot Mata Temple is located in the outskirts of Jaisalmer and is close to the border of Pakistan and the battle location of Longewala i.e. of India-Pakistan war 1971. This temple is situated 150 km away from the Jaisalmer city and can be reached only journey of about 2 hrs. It’s a sacred place for localized residents.

Tanot Mata Temple didn’t get destroyed in spite of the serious bombshell by Pakistan for the duration of an Indo-Pak battle of 1971. At the core of that battle zone, the temple remained as it is without any harm. Due to the power and supremacy of the goddess the temple survived in the war state too, even after hitting of 3000 bombs by Pakistan the temple was not destroyed. That’s really astonishing. The unexploded bombs of war now could be viewed within the museum of Tanot Mata temple. The deity Tanto is alleged to be the manifestation of the Goddess Hinglaz that is placed in the Lasvela region of Baluchistan. Tanot Mata is also considered as a form of Hinglaj Mata. At the present Tanot Mata is one of a famous tourist destination & an ideal location to explore within the desert of Thar. Best time for visiting the Tanot Mata temple comes between October - March.

Purnagiri Temple that is also acknowledged as the Punyagiri that refers as a heap of the excellent deeds. This temple is localized close to the border of Nepal for about 20 kilometers from Tanakpur into the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is positioned at the peak of a mountain over 3000 m from the sea level. It is among the 108 Shakti peethas of the beautiful goddess Durga.

The spot of river ‘Kaali’ turns to be amazing that is streaming into between of 2 mountains onto each other, on top of one of the mountain Purnagiri is located, in addition to over other mountains there is a temple of a Baba Siddh-Nath. The Purnagiri Mountain appears very beautiful by means of shrouded Shops as well as ‘Dharamshalas’ where travelers and devotees could stay plus enjoy the location. Arena from the pinnacle of the mountain of Purnagiri is extremely pleasant; a number of Nepali villages, wonderfully streaming river and townships could be enjoyed. Goddess Purnagiri also is identified as the ‘Annapurna’, that is meant for the Goddess who accomplishes the food wants of a complete world.

Sightsee These Destinations

All the way through the year, countless of people arrive at these temples. The fair is prepared within the basin of Purnagiri in the days of the Navratri month of April. In this particular fair, the valley is jam-packed of charm, splendor and voice of the devotional songs and chants.

These locations are for visitor’s religious tourism as it had gifted temples, in addition to it the glory and brilliance of these both temples are extremely speechless.

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