Nepal trekking tour is one of the most popular walking holiday for hikers in Nepal. Nepal is the world's best place to trek as it has been gifted with several mountains and peak including the world’s highest Mt. Everest (8858 m). Among many reasons, travelers like to visit and trekking in Nepal. Nepal has world’s 8 highest mountains out of 10 in the world. It has so much to offer for travelers with picturesque Himalayas, eye-catching sceneries, natural beauty, smiling people and their varied cultures always attract people from all over the world.

Though one can visit Nepal for trekking all the year round, there are special season suitable for Nepal trekking. Nepal has easy and few days trek to longer and tougher one as well. Various type of trekking in Nepal is organized by Himalayan Mentor so as to match your time and budget. We suggest you to make well planning before you come to Nepal. Be sure to understand about the geography, people, and culture, weather which will make you easier to travel and help you to make your holiday comfortable.

The most comprehensive adventure trekking packages offer by Himalayan Mentor are categorized in various highlighted region. Which is Everest trekking, Annapurna trekking, Langtang trekking, special area trekking of remotes and easy hiking etc. It covers all the major attraction to meet best view points, local cultural heritage and some of the challenging passes which allow travelers to explore overall ambiance of nature, encounter rare endanger wild animals and various species of vegetations as well different mesmerizing landscapes.

Generally, trekking in Nepal is always renowned as the world’s most popular destinations for long days outing. Everest trekking region is always known to explore and experience the world’s best view of Mt. Everest and explore Sherpas and Himalayan cultures. The entire trail of the Everest area, you will be walking through temperate valley to extreme alpine meadow land crawling to climb up towards scenic ridges, crossing churning rivers and fragile glacier moraines exploration.

While Annapurna hiking region offers you to experience an outstanding diversity of nature, sub tropic zone to beyond the alpine trans where you will have chance to explore scenic lush green forests filled with several colorful birds & butterflies, wild animals and varieties of Himalayan wild flowers, Besides entire trails follow the different ranges which will give you chance to encounter typical cultures of remote life style and incredible dramatic views of snow capped mountains so due to its extra features of most varied landscape the entire massif is acknowledged as the most visited destination on the planet.

We also offer short treks in Nepal for the travelers those who have not enough time for long treks in Annapurna and Everest Region.  Short treks in Nepal offers beautiful Himalayas sceneries, different culture of trekking areas, luxurious walking holiday. Most of short treks starts from Pokhara for Annapurna region and Lukla for Everest area.



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