Tips for Dating Women in Ukraine

The culture, history and traditions of each country are unique. Undoubtedly, professional help should be sought in order to get in touch with as many places of interest in a given country as possible. In this article, we will talk specifically about Ukraine and how to choose Kiev local women guides.

Don’t forget what you should pay attention on break the ice, family-related topics and cultural habits, be manly and attentive, age does matters, gentleman's are appreciated, appearance and location.

In order to create a positive image we can clearly state that to be successful with women in Kiev you should be acting like you really do care. In certain cultures, such an approach tends to be too excessive, but in Ukraine ladies are more sophisticated than elsewhere.

Ladies are more careful

When it comes to approaching a person, a male representative is the one that should make the first step in Kiev. Ladies are more careful in Ukraine due to the country's past and the broad surroundings that they are living in.

Besides, guys approach girls across the world similarly, thus take this tip as a reminder that you should lead the conversation.

A deep conversation

When having a deep conversation during your date do not hesitate in discussing family-related topics. Kiev’s ladies are certainly willing to meet a guy that clearly proclaims his serious intentions otherwise most of the ‘good’ ladies in Ukraine will respond negatively.

Show your intent, advise her that you are serious about the family and you are looking for a serious relationship that is not even going to ease your life but also will make everything much easier and straightforward which Kiev girls do like.

Equal or standart rights

In the west there are new and more equal rights, thus that is why most of the time the dinner bill is either split or sometimes even paid by a lady. But in Ukraine, the standard is still the same as it was in the early century. A guy should pay the bills, thus do not hesitate and pay the bill without asking her if she wants to split.

Attention is everything to a Ukrainian girl

A great gesture is to bring flowers when meeting a Ukrainian girl, of course, this gesture is known across the world but it is almost crucial when trying to impress a Ukrainian girl. Of course, do not overreact to everything, be patient and polite at the same time.


If you are dating a woman that is 21 years old or higher then take into account the fact that this age is already considered as a well-matured woman's age and society is encouraging women in Ukraine to search for a serious relationship even earlier than that.

Keep in mind that girls are looking for respectful man which can take care of himself.

An image of a hero

No matter what standard you have as a guy, or what sort of approach you are planning to take, keep in mind that an image of a hero to a Ukrainian girl is still one of the best ways to impress her.

Such acts as opening a door or helping her out when getting off a bus or taxi is certainly a must-do when showing her that you are a gentleman.

Casual appearance is unacceptable

Casual appearance is unacceptable if you think of that. The date is a date when you look stunning, that's how it's done in Kiev. This is important because you can be almost sure that the girl you are asking out will certainly represent herself properly and will look stunning, so do you.

A suit or at least white shirts are okay when you are meeting a girl for the first time in Kiev.

The last step

When you finally arrange a meeting with a girl, either it is a date or something else be proactive. Bringing flowers is not everything, you may find a beautiful place somewhere in a city center, this could be a great way of showing that you are really into her.

To sum up

We covered 7 important tips that should help when it comes to understanding the culture of dating in Kiev. If you follow these advises when encountering a girl and you follow these tips along the way you can be sure that you will do everything right.

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