What Is Yapta? "Tag flights from your favorite airline sites and Yapta will email you when prices drop. Get refunds and credits after you buy. When the price drops below what you paid, Yapta helps you get a voucher or refund from the airline!" 

The next time you visit Yapta (and if you like saving on airfare, you should) you'll notice that we've integrated our airfare tracking service withTripIt.com - a terrific trip management site that will help you organize and share your travel plans. 

Using TripIt is easy. Simply forward all of your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. It doesn't matter if it's an airline, hotel or car reservation - TripIt automatically creates a master itinerary that combines all your travel plans plus weather, maps, restaurants and more. You'll love it.

So what's the benefit to using Yapta and TripIt together? Well, now when you forward your flight confirmation emails to TripIt, you can have Yapta start tracking your flights for airline refunds or credits with a single click. It will save you time, money and the frustration of not having all your travel plans in one place.

Look for the "Connect with TripIt" button on your MyTrips page and try it out today. 

Another great thing about these sites is that you can link them to your Facebook page, on LinkedIn and there are apps for Google, Blackberry and the iPhone.

Happy Travels,
Yapta - Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant

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