Are you going to Atlanta this weekend? Luckily, you have found a friend who is ready to share this trip with you. Finally, you agreed on your plans about the destination, car rental, hotels, travel schedules. You decide where to stop the car for dining and what places to visit. Suddenly your friend’s sending you a message that her sister is getting married that week and she can’t miss that family event.

You can go through that scenario several times before you go for a trip. Never give up! Even if your best friend decided to miss her/his chance to go with you to Atlanta, do that alone. By the way, that can be a nice opportunity for you to make friends, meet many new people.

How to make friends when traveling solo?

  1. Rent a car

Sure enough, luxury car rentals Atlanta airport can help to find the best exotic car for your solo trip according to your budget. As a rule, solo travelers try to spend a minimum budget for transportation using public transport and taxis. Families and groups, on the other hand, prefer car rental as they need large cars with enough space for their pets, luggage, and sports equipment. So, should you rent a car in Atlanta when traveling solo?

This is the city where a rental car is highly suggested. If you have big plans to see all the city locations, your trip will be much easier in a car. The choice of cars is usually big, from compact cars up to luxury cars, they have anything to fit your needs or budget. How about making friends? Just find someone to travel with and share car expenses.

  1. Be approachable

This seems obvious, but if your jokes and behavior are telling everyone to leave you alone, your chances to make friends are zero. Just be nice and try to start a conversation when you feel like you met a person you really like.

  1. Be spontaneous

Traveling solo makes you fearless and spontaneous. Being flexible can help when you are planning your trip and deciding where to go and what places to visit. If you meet someone cool at your hostel, don’t be afraid to meet up and change your travel plan in case you are invited to spend time in a new company. Having trouble with your transportation, feel free to rent a car or ride a bus according to new circumstances. Besides, 14CARS car rental app comes to help you any time with a choice of cars and roadside help on your request.

Interesting Places to Make Friends in Atlanta

Atlanta is considered to be a good place to meet new people, especially when traveling solo. Just make a list of popular places where singles usually visit:

Go to Regent Cocktail Club

This place is always full of people of different ages. Nevertheless, if you want to meet local singles, come to Regent on Friday or Saturday night. Actually, this cozy bar will take you back to the early 40s. Everything looks chic and trendy. Mostly rich and financially stable people hang out here on Saturdays. Make sure you are dressed well.

Visit Cafe Intermezzo

This café is done in the style of an old atmospheric coffeehouse. This is the best and the easiest location with old charm where old friends come for coffee and pastry. The menu also offers a number of interesting alcohol cocktails.

Drink at Ormsby’s

This stylish place is an ideal location to meet young singles. Come here on Friday around 8 p.m. This is the hot time when the bar works to its fullest, welcoming more and more guests.

Go to Yebo Beach/Ski Haus

Take your chance to taste exotic dishes and make friends in this South African restaurant. Note that this is a chic place for rich people. Beautiful ladies of their 40s spend time in the restaurant hoping to meet a man. Just find a single lady, sitting at the bar, and buy her a drink to start a conversation.

Visit Ladybird Grove

To get to this historic place, you’d better rent a car. This is the first outdoor bar in the city. Of course, it is better to come earlier to book a table beforehand. On Saturdays and Sundays, the territory is especially noisy, filled with people of all ages and their dogs. By the way, it is a good conversation starter, isn’t it?

Have a drink at St. Regis Bar

Looking for a luxury environment, go to Buckhead. Men and women who come here dress well, listen to relaxing music, drink wine, and late-night cocktails. Do you want to meet people here? Just make sure you are properly dressed.

Dine-in Atlas Restaurant

This restaurant serves traditional American cuisine and bribe with its simplicity and accessibility. The menu is long and each position is made of fresh seasonal ingredients. 

Traveling solo to Atlanta, you always can meet people on the go or approach in special places. You can’t learn about these places from the tourist guide but you can take them from the list above. 

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