Small and scattered herds of wildebeest remain in the Mara. Early on in the month there were some good river crossings particularly on the afternoon of the 2nd October when around 3,000 animals crossed the Mara River. One wildebeest had a lucky escape , he was bitten in the rear end by a patrolling crocodile but managed to struggle free. On the 3rd and 4th large numbers of wildebeest were seen crossing the Mara River. On afternoon of the 18th a large herd of wildebeest massed up at the main Paradise crossing points, there were lion hiding in the croton thickets closeby and sensing danger the wildebeest changed tack and moved out into the woodland areas of Paradise where they crossed the river later that day. 

Throughout the month the wildebeest herds moved through the reserve spreading out across the plains and then filing down towards the River. This culminated on the 31st of October when a huge herd of around 10,000 zebra and 300 wildebeest spent all morning crossing the Mara River.

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