Discovering the Wonderful Wildlife of Australia


Amazing landscapes that will blow your mind, marvelous creatures you will never be able to forget, beautiful land and sea, as well as the perfection of the air… These are the things you can see in Australia, no matter which side of it you choose to visit. It is time to start an epic journey to remember.

Kangaroos and Koalas will Astonish You

What people love about Australia is the fact that here you get to see astonishing animals called kangaroos and adorable koalas.
Prepare a hammock and go to places where kangaroos can be seen. They can be seen during daylight hours, nearer the coast. If you did not know this – flat, grassy open spaces are their favorite ones. You can find a lot of them if you visit the course at Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road. They can also be found where the Euroka campground in the Blue Mountains and Namadgi National Park are. When it comes to koalas, in the south of Melbourne there is the Koala Conservation Centre on Phillip Island. You can enjoy them leap between branches where they also tend to just curl up to sleep.

See Some Fascinating Crocodiles

Crocodiles may not be as cute as koalas, but they are still a part of all the beautiful Australian wildlife and you should not miss getting more familiar with them as well. The Daintree River is where many saltwater crocodiles can be found, more specifically if you visit the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland. You can take a boat tour and listen to your guide, who will eagerly speak about them. Even though these predators can’t wait for the perfect moment to strike, you should be completely safe. If you are keen on cruises, at Yellow Water in Top End’s
Kakadu National Park you can treat crocodiles to some meat.

Meet Wonderful Penguins

Now let’s get back to another adorable animal. Phillip Island is a perfect place to check out some penguins, which are absolutely wonderful. Have you heard of a penguin parade? It is a spectacle people find hilarious and quite enjoyable. What you may find extremely cute is seeing them stumble over their own feet. If you go to Montague Island in New South Wales, Bicheno in Tasmania or
Penguin Island near Perth – expect to see a lot of penguins.

The Beauty of Whale Sharks and Dolphins

From March to August, whale sharks can be found along Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. Their course is tracked from spotter planes so that snorkelers would know what to do regarding the path. The sharks are giant and they usually evoke a jaw-dropping reaction in whoever sees them or is near them. However, they are harmless and everything is safe. On the other hand, you have dolphins. They are playful and likeable. If people flap their arms at them, they will definitely react and give a response. Port Stephens north of Sydney and Bunbury south of Perth as well as Glenelg in Adelaide are places where you can spend some time with dolphins.

Enjoy Extraordinary Underwater Encounters

If you think the previously mentioned creatures are all there is to see in Australia, not so. There is more magnificent wildlife, and more creatures can be encountered underwater, such as humpback whales at Mooloolaba or native species you will only be able to find when you go to the Land Down Under. People who like swimming can do so with
giant cuttlefish. It is said that this experience is psychedelic because the creatures are alien-like and swimming with them can be quite bizarre. This can be done in June and July.

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