Would you stay at a B&B with dirt floors?

Would you stay at a B&B with dirt floors, cots for beds, and a wood-burning stove to keep warm?

Paul and Baya (a Navajo native) Meehan are betting that you will.

Owners of Shash Dine' Eco Retreat, they have created a place where you trade creature comforts for more rustic surroundings.

In exchange, you connect on a more spiritual level with the land. The land you are on is Navajo. The experience is one of renewal and learning about the Navajo Culture.

Located about 12 miles South of Page, Arizona, the native owned off-grid retreat offers guests a unique stay in quality canvas wall tents and a Hogan.

Paul tells me that guests have very vivid dreams in the Hogan, reportedly due to the geographic alignment of the sleeping quarters and as much due to the spiritual energy concentrated in the traditional dwelling.

Upon waking, visitors are treated to the breakfast portion of the B&B, an authentic blue corn mush accompanied by seasonal fruits.

It's not a place of down pillows and turndown service. But, guests get to interact with the ranch animals, go hiking, and enjoy the grand vista of open Arizona countryside.

Attractions include Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Paul may offer a side trip to secret vistas.

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Jim DeLillo is a travel and adventure photojournalist who specializes in creating transporting imagery.

...Capturing local color in travel, editorial, and commercial photography.

His expansive landscapes are layered, narrative, and rich in tone. 
They are lit from within having a luminous quality and show a strong attention to detail, composition, and production.

His 35+ years of experience includes international publications including Woman’s World Magazine.His photojournalist, reality based, eclectic style provides a refreshing break from the stiffly-posed shots.

Jim DeLillo is based in NYC and is available for assignments globally.


Jim has recently added Milkyway photography to his skill set.


Jim DeLillo Photography

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