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The interesting formations of tuff called Fairy Chimneys have actually been formed by the effects of wind and floor waters pouring off the surrounding hills and mountains into the valley floors. The flood waters found their own paths through the steep gorges, causing deep cracks and breakages in the hard stone. The softer erodable material underneath has been gradually swept away, resulting in conical formations protected by basalt caps.

These capped fairy chimneys with their conical bodies and cap formations are primarily found in the area around Urgup. The basalt caps tend to be harder and more durable than the softer tuff bodies. This is actually the first condition necessary for the creation of the fairy chimney. The life of the fairy chimney whether long or short depends on the durability of the rock at its cap.

The types of fairy chimneys found in the Cappadocia Region are classified as to capped, conic, mushroom shaped, column type or sharp rock. The fairy chimneys are primarily found in the valleys within the Urgup - Uchisar - Avanos triangle, the area lying between Urgup and Sahinefendi, the environs of Nevsehir, Soganli Valley in Kayseri and Selime Village in Aksaray.
Land of fairy tales... Mysterious and enchanting... Just some of the incredible sights waiting to be discovered here are the fairy chimneys, underground cities, hot air balloon tours on this incredible landscape.
Cappadocia area is a popular tourist destination in Turkey, as it has many areas with unique geological, historic, and cultural features.

The most important towns and destinations in Cappadocia are Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar, Ihlara Valley, Avanos, Selime, Guzelyurt and Zelve. Among the underground cities worth seeing are Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Ozkanak and Gaziemir. The best historic mansions and cave houses for tourist stays are in Goreme, Urgup, Uchisar and Guzelyurt.

Hot air ballooning is very popular in Cappadocia and is available in Goreme. Trekking is enjoyed in Urgup, Ihlara Valley, Goreme and Monastery Valley (Guzelyurt).
Geography and Climate
Cappadocia lies in Central Anatolia of Turkey. Also Cappadocia has a markedly continental climate, with hot dry summers and cold snowy winters. Rainfall is sparse and the region is largely semi-arid.

Provinces and Towns
Nevsehir, Kayseri, Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar, Ihlara Valley, Avanos, Selime, Guzelyurt, Zelve

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