Chabil Mar Resort - Beauty by Belize - Luxury by Design

Chabil Mar (Maya Kekchi for “Beautiful Sea) – Our Brand, Our Promise to You
Beauty by Belize, Luxury by Design
The nature of a true boutique hotel is in its story and service execution . . . part classic, part contemporary, with a relaxing atmosphere that is open and inviting, incorporating the jewels of our Caribbean beachfront, vibrant gardens, Belize flora represented by the mystic rain forests to our west, the sandy beaches of our coast and nature’s other gift to Belize . . . the tropical woods of our local trees, creating an intimate environment immersed in a sea of hospitality and adventure. Our Villas are infused with local art, artifacts and Belize décor, wrapped in modern amenities and conveniences, an inspiration blending all the ingredients of our lush and beautiful country!
Chabil Mar is a Belize branded resort, consistent with the diversity of our culture, the natural beauty of our topography and the wealth of our ancient history, delivered to you on a platter of gracious smiles and personalization. Our beauty is by Belize, our luxury is by design.

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