Mrs. Ellen Harris's family holiday with HaLong bay overnight

I want to talk a little specifically about one of the trip that I went on with Viet Expert Travel and it wad to Ha long bay, an extraordinary place in itself.

The family holidays were always amazing, the guide was incredible the most, the driver was very courses and wonderful, then we had a guide who were so attentive to every needs, has the sense of humour, spoke great English and were making sure all the time that we were comfortable with the others staffs on the boat.

The boat -- accommodation could not been nicer, I love to that you could have air conditioning on if you want it and in the evening when it is chilly there is heat right in your cabin. They were luxurious with their own bathroom, it was amazing.

The meals -- I have a daughter who is with me who is vegetarian, she had seven courses meal justice we had seven courses meal and extraordinary food for her ad well. And they make a big thing of display of the foods by bringing out and showing us how they cut fruits, how they do things. Just so amazing and so personalize.
cooking class

The people we met in my family holiday from other countries on our trip even though we were chose a small boat, we had just about 20 people and they were great.

So I will recommend to everyone I know to travel with Viet Expert Travel whenever they can.
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