Vietnam Honeymoon of Ms. Katie Walsh with her loved one

My name is Katie from Ireland but currently living in Sydney. As you see, I am in Ha long bay on our honeymoon.

A quick backgrounds , we start to plan our honeymoon about a year ago, we planning to go to South East Asia by ourselves but my father who is retired have mentioned he took a trip to South East Asia with Viet Expert Travel so I decided to drop them an email. In two days she come back with itineraries, ideals, everything, so it was kind of over all we go back and forward with her to get ideals, we want to do some by our self, some with her. Unbelievable service, perfect English, call whenever you needed, and I remembered email her during Tet - New year and she got straight back with more information in two days, so really good service.

Since we come here, tour guide speaks perfect English, and it is really good to get a local because they understand and tell you about history of what. When you go to Angkor Wat, some of the temples if you just go there, you don’t understand about the history but a local can give you that, tell you history, wars. We found that were very interesting.

The hotels had been amazing, really high standard we are on the Vietnam honeymoon so we are fussy clients but very high standard.

Our travel agent had rung all hotels before we arrived so every place we arrive we saw a box of chocolate happy honeymoon and a rose.

All the internal fly – 6 flies been booked so we are literally arrived to the airport get on air- condition cars, tour guides waiting for us. I never thought I will book through a travel agent but definitely if we go on holiday again I don’t think I will do it by myself again.

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