" Kenya, 35 million people, half of which are still in school uniform..15 million under the age of 12...if you aint got any qualifications, you aint got a hope in hell of getting a job"
Clive Dougherty, World Expeditions Leader, Kenya

When you consider statistics like that, it hits home not only the true importance that education plays in the sustainability of a country, but also the need to assist where you can to ensure education can occur.

It's off again for our documentary producer extraordinaire, Trent O'Donnell. This time he's heading into the heart of Kenya with 16 other World Expeditions community project travellers to give their time to build desks, refurbish classrooms and assist in installing a new water tank.

Project material funding was raised via our Footprints program through the kind donations from 679 World Nomads.

Trent was also accompanied by the 2007 Documentary Scholarship winner, Cesar Salmeron.

We hope you enjoy, Positive Footprints - Kenya.

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