Salkantay trek is a new and Amazing Trek!!! Come and see Salkantay Mountain ('the Savage one'). Reach Machu Picchu in a different and spectacular way; trekking through valleys, grasslands, glaciers, cloud forests and jungle!!

This Salkantay trek Was Recently Named among the 25 best Treks in the World, by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.

A remote and ancient footpath in the same region of the Inca trail, but less traveled and offering more spectacular views. This Salkantay Trek route provides a magnificent wilderness alternative for those who wish to escape the more congested trekking routes.

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Comment by Enjoy Peru Holidays on August 23, 2013 at 10:10pm
Comment by Enjoy Peru Holidays on August 23, 2013 at 9:02pm

The Salkantay Trek on the second day from Soray goes steeply uphill for half an hour, then comes to a series of zigzags (Siete Culebras is the local name of this stretch). At the top of the seventh switchback the terrain levels out under Salkantay lateral moraine, and drops gently down to the small laguna Soyrococha. The pass you see above is, a false one; the main pass is a little further on, but the view of Salkantay looming above you more than compensates for the effort. The real pass at 4,750m is reached after 3-4 hours from the moraine, and is marked by a pile of stones , "well know as Apacheta by the locals", which grows daily on the Salkantay Trek as each traveler adds his pebble to thank the APUS for a safe trip.

Then the Salkantay Trek descends to the left -hand side of the valley, becoming indistinct in swampy areas. And then comes a place named Huayracmachay "eye of the wind", from here we will have a great chance to see the beautiful Pyramid-shape of Humantay behind as you drop below the tree line, know as LA CEJA DE SELVA ("Eyebrow of the Jungle"), and walk through groves of bamboo with many orchids and other flowers and lots of hummingbirds, spectacular waterfalls, a small hot spring at Collpapampa the right place to lock out for the parakeets that abound in this area as well. And then we go to take a local bus in order to get Santa Teresa where we will enjoy the hot springs which is 45 minutes from this town .and then will see Machupicchu and waynapichu mountains and then the last day will see finally the Inca City of Machu picchu.

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