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Anyone with any experience or comments on the site?

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I've got two sites on Examiner -- College Tennis ( and Wine And Spirits Traveler ( My first piece of advice is to spend $10 (that's what GoDaddy charges) to get yourself a URL people can remember. No one will type in that long one Examiner gives you and the only hits you will really get are the ones you generate.

The pay is very low on Examiner, but they allow you to re-use your work so that's a positive. It was definitely a better site when I started a year ago. Then they started going for world records of how many writers they could possibly hire! I'm hoping they'll calm down and go back to the quality rather than quantity someday.

I feel that 1 penny per hit is more like not getting paid at all. It's really bad out there, but after 25 years at this, I'm willing to wite for resonable pay--even if it is low.
Hi, I recently started as an examiner in travel. I am enjoying it although it is very low pay. Does anybody out there who is also an examiner, want to mutually subscribe? I'd be happy to do that. If you would like to, go ahead and leave a comment in the comment box of my latest article with your examiner address in it and let's make each other one of those golden pennies! :-) Here's my latest article:
Just subscribed to you and left a comment. Good luck with Examiner,

Wine And Spirits Travel Examiner

Wine And Spirits Travel Blog
Hi I was the Portland Oregon Food Examiner.

At the time they expected 4-6 articles per week. I got tired of the constant contests and cookbook badgering in addition to the expected articles. Just want to check in about the "pay." I never got a cent!
The site was great to keep active after I lost my magazine gigs but with so many non-journalist types expressing just opinions and not fact, coupled with and the loss( did they fire him??) of my F & D manager Jake, I have folded the tent and moved on.

Good luck-perhaps with the new guard things may improve but what seemed an idealistic experiment is now looking very corporate and detached.


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