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10 Things We Love about Sicily

Writing down ten reasons explaining why we love Sicily was not easy – not because we could not come up with anything loveable about the island. No! It was hard to narrow it down to only 10 things that will make your cooking holiday in Sicily unforgettable. Excited to see what made it on our “top-ten” list? Then read on!

1. The unique taste of Sicilian Wine

According to legend, Dionysus was the God who brought pleasure to mankind, and wine to Sicily. So, no…


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Food Lover's Guide to Sicily

The food of Italy— do we really need more to lure us to this enchanting destination?  Even though known as the land of culture, art, romance – we’d probably still go for the food. But did you know that instead of talking about “Italian food” it would be much more accurate to distinguish between regional dishes? And, for those keen to explore new flavours on their …


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Cooking in Tuscany: Travel Guide to Arezzo

Cooking in Tuscany: Travel Guide to Arezzo

Arezzo is a charming, medieval town located on a steep hill in Tuscany and is much less touristy than other cities such as Florence or Pisa. Despite being somewhat off the tourist map, it has so much to do and see and is great for experiencing authentic Tuscany which is why guests on our cooking holidays in Tuscany visit Arezzo. So, for those looking to get a taste of what to expect from our Tuscan cooking holiday, we thought we would give you some insider tips to…


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Single travellers on the rise

Single travellers on the rise

Recent studies have shown that numbers of travellers going on asingles holiday are on the rise. In an analysis of over 100,000 the findings revealed that the average age of solo travellers is 54 years old; which may come as a surprise to those who pictured a 20-something group backpacker! It also showed that solo travelling carries less of a…


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What to bring home from your cooking holiday

What to bring home from your cooking holiday

Today, we give our top tips on what to bring back from your cooking holidayto Italy! We often get asked by our guests who were inspired by all the delicious food, what to bring back to recreate the taste of their holiday – and here are our five top answers.

1. Authentic Tuscan produce from the…


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Inspirational Holidays in 2015

Inspirational Holidays in 2015

This year, I will... learn a new skill! Our holidays are different! Flavour's Holidays place great importance on the "experience" of guests and aim to provide holidays that guests can really take something from. Set in beautiful villas across Italy, we aim to inspire guests and help nurture new skills that they can take home with them; whether it be polishing their painting skills, mastering pasta making, learning…


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5 Reasons why we love Italy

5 Things We Love About Italy

As today is Thanksgiving in the US we thought we would compile a list of all the things we are grateful to Italy for. Italy has brought the world some wonderful things and has shaped our modern culture in so many ways. Its history of art is second to none and its mouth-watering dishes have achieved worldwide fame – no wonder it’s the perfect destination for our painting and cooking holidays. But that’s by far not all. Take a look and see what we want to thank Italy for on…


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Painting in Italy – Inspiring Locations

Canals in Venice on Painting Holiday

Today, we speak to our fantastic painting tutor, Hugh Tuckerman, to discuss his favourite spots painting groups visited in Italy this year. With wonderful painting holidays to Tuscany, Venice and Sicily there are so many stunning landscapes, scenes and locations to inspire our guests – it was no small task to narrow it down! We asked Hugh to pick his top painting locations that have inspired him and our guests. 

The Varramista…


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10 Reasons Spend New Year's in Italy!

10 reasons why to spend New Year in Italy!

Would you like to spend New Year a little differently this year? Read on to find out and see why you should spend the end of the year in la bella Italia

1. It's the perfect way to do something you love

While the pressures of New Year's Eve can be a little overwhelming and often clouding the fact that it really is all about bringing in the new year the way you want to. A holiday in Italy is the perfect way to escape and spend it doing something you…


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Top 10 Tips for Solo Travellers

Top 10 Tips for Solo Travellers

With Flavours Holidays solo travellers are well catered for; however for those needing a little reassurance we have put together our 10 tips we have learnt from our 15 years of travel experience.

Holiday for one - Our Top Ten Travel Tips

1. Get to know your fellow travellers

Get in touch with those on the same flight so you do not have to travel alone. We always offer to put you in touch with other Flavours guests who are on your…


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Top 10 Things to Do in Amalfi, Italy

Top 10 Things to do in Amalfi

Are you looking for outstanding Mediterranean landscape combined with coastal mountains plunging into deep waters and picturesque Italian towns? Let us tell you: the stunning Amalfi coast will offer you all of that and much, much more!  

As well as the sheer beauty of the region, you will be able to uncover some wonderful secrets of Italian cuisine while exploring charming…


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Cook Like a Local: An Italian New Year Fest!

Cook like a local: An Italian New Year Feast!

In Italy New Years Eve is traditionally celebrated with a huge feast. To give you a little taster, we have put together 3 dishes from our New Year cooking holiday celebratory dinner; a starter, main and dessert. Lentils considered lucky and to eat them on New Year's Eve is thought to bring wealth and money in the coming year; and so almost always feature on the menu! So, if you are looking for inspiration this New Years Eve why not try our Italian feast recipes – or…


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Cooking Holiday in Tuscany - Behind the Scenes

Cooking Holiday in Tuscany – Behind the Scenes

Are you curious to see what a true travel expert has to say about our Italian cooking holidays? Then read our interview with travel writer Kat and find out about her cooking holiday in Tuscany earlier this year. 

When and for how long did you go on our cooking holiday in…


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Flavour’s Top 10 Italian Artists

Italy has produced some of the greatest artists in history and, so, it is the perfect place for those looking for inspiration on a painting holiday and for those who simply want to marvel at their artistic genius or soak up some culture. This week we round up our top 10 Italian artists who demonstrate why Italy is…


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Go solo in Italy this New Year!

Got any exciting plans for New Year? No? Well we have the perfect solution – with New Year trips to Sicily, …


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Cooking Holidays in Puglia - 10 Things to Visit

Puglia is a food lovers dream and the perfect location for Italian cooking holidays. But what exactly makes the “heel” of Italy so popular? And where should you go if you want to experience great food and cultural highlights? We’ll tell you in our top ten Puglia list!

1. Castel Di Monte in…


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A Pilates holiday will tone summer bodies and reverse bad habits

In the summer we are far more active. The tendency to slump in front of the television wanes and suddenly the sitting room is almost a ‘no go’ area as we spend more time outside and generally looking to what the world is doing.

Of course summer time can bring a shock when we find our best linen outfit…


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Flavours Holidays explores being Self Sufficient and returning to Vita Contadina

It’s easy to be romantic about rural life. In the UK we have the Victorians to thank for the cutesy rural images which adorn greetings cards showing young girls standing outside thatched cottages carrying beautiful wicker baskets overflowing with flowers and produce. This was far from the reality of the tough rural existence which prompted so many to abandon their fields and head for the city.…


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