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27 of the USA's Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Following up on posts serving up the best vegetarian dining options in Europe and Latin America, I’m turning to the United States, one of the countries where the veg trend was pioneered. The variety at this stage in dining history is impressive, from hardcore little raw food cafés to…


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57 Top Spots for Snorkeling/Diving in Europe & the Americas


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18 Particularly Swell Swimming Beaches in the USA


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Dining Vegetarian in Latin America


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13 of Europe's Best Vegetarian Restaurants


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Panama City Old & New


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Top Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations in Spain

Spain can be a romantic place indeed - and in a country crammed with crenelated castles, Arabian Nights palaces, and dreamy beaches, it’s a tall order indeed to zero in on the “most” romantic. It’s true, too, that one way to enhance the romance of almost any spot here is to opt for one of the…


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9 Foods to Avoid When Flying


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Souvenir Shopping in Latin America


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¡Feliz Halloween! 8 of Spain's Spookiest Spots

File:Castillo San Martín de Valdeiglesias.jpg

With its long and sometimes tumultuous history, through the ages Spain has proved to be about as spooky and haunted as any place on earth, with lore ranging from Galician meigas (witches) to ghostly Moorish damsels. And Madrid may have the only public statue of Lucifer in the world (the Fallen Angel, in Retiro Park). Here are a few key haunted spots you can visit, if you dare!



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Souvenir Shopping in Europe/Morocco

File:Tourist items, Toledo.JPG

Whether or not you’re a shopper (and I can’t say that I particularly am), I do love me some good travel mementos. However, I’m not talking about the rubbish you see at the average stand aimed at tourists who barely know where they are (I’ll never forget the joints hawking spangly Mexican sombreros at the Leaning Tower of Pisa).

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, there are certain items that will always…


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Colombia's Real Rock Stars Are Emeralds

Few people I know are not impressed by emeralds, their mystique, and their deep, striking, verdant splendor. What I’ve found fewer people are realize is that by far the majority of the world’s supply of them (well over half), as well as the purest quality, comes from one country, namely …


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Intriguing Enclaves, Colonies, & Mini-States of Europe

I've always had a thing about the quirky little corners of this continent that’s famously a patchwork of ethnicities and accidents of history, and there are a few bits and pieces scattered across Europe that are quirkier than others. They range from some some you’ll recognize and know…


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Whatever happened to __________ Airlines?

Remember These Airlines?…

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Staying at a Riad in Essaouira, One of Morocco's Grooviest Towns

by Max Pesling


A2-1/2 to 3-hour drive from Marrakesh, one of Morocco’s jewels is theAtlantic port city of Essaouira, built by the Portuguese as thefortified town of Mogador in the 18th century and today a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site. Here in this mix of traditional and hip alternative vibe(along with…


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Wiring Payment to Foreign Travel Vendors: It Saves, But Is It Safe?

Back in the day, you'd stroll into a travel agency, get face-to-face advice, and leave with an armful of color brochures and a paper ticket. Then the Internet came along, but for a long time consumers were slow to warm up to paying online with a credit card. That's mostly history now: Most will happily divulge those 16 digits in return for the savings that online competition and the elimination of the travel agent middleman have brought about.

All well and good, for the… Continue

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Prague Statues Write Your Text Message in Bodily Fluids

Who said statues don't have bodily functions? The city of Prague takes the 2010 Tripatini Grand Prize for World's Most Imaginative, Not to Say Weird, Public Sculpture.

On Kampa Island, wedged on the Vltava River between the Old Town and the Malá Strana quarter, two bronze male figures take an eternal leak, moving their torsos -- and their privates -- as they do so. That already beats Brussels' Mannekin Pis by several light-years of technological development. But it gets better:… Continue

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Devon, England's Agatha Christie Trail

Britain’s National Trust runs a beguiling array of estates, castles, churches, and abbeys, plenty of which can boast an air of mystery and even a few murders committed within their precincts. But how many can claim they sheltered the world’s greatest maestro of the murder mystery? Just under three hours’ drive or train ride west of London in Devon (you might want to get the 4:50 from Paddington), Greenway,… Continue

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