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Spectacular Kapsia Cave in Arkadia, Greece

Cave Kapsia is located in the Peloponnese peninsula region of Arcadia, near the villages of Kapsia and Levidi. Experts have ranked it among the ten most remarkable caves of Greece. Remains of human bones have been found in the cave, and also lamps thought to date back to the 4th and 5th century AD. …


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A Little Necromancy in Epirus, Greece

In Preveza, Epirus, in Messopotamos village, near the picturesque seaside village of Ammoudia, the Necromancy of Acheron was well known in ancient times and visited by thousands of pilgrims trying to find answers to questions that plagued them. Today, visitors flock to the site for its history and atmosphere.…


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Messologi, Etoloakarnania, Greece

The capital of the Etoloakarnania prefecture is a picturesque city but, at the same time, a place

with a heavy historical backround. Dramatical events took place at Messologi during the Greek

Revolution of 1821. the culmination of them was the historical exodns of…


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A Morning Walk in London's Hyde Park

I walked 
through the park on a sunny but cold day of February, having in mind to take a few pictures. Despite the early of the hour, the park was full of life with local walkers as well as tourists.…


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Birdwatching at Northern Greece's Kerkini Lake

Located in the prefecture of Serres, not far from Thessaloniki, Lake Kerkini truly captivates visitors, despite the fact that it is an artificial reservoir, as today it's become a very important wetland of Greece, giving shelter to many seldom seen aquatic bird species. We had the chance to make the tour of the lake, one of the country's…


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5 Must-Visit Beaches in Greece

Each of these unique Greek beaches has its special beauty and identity. 

Amolofi Beach, Kavala

Poros beach, Lefkada island…


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Nafplio, a Gem of Greece's Pelopponese

The City

Narrow streets, beautiful squares, Bourtzi island under the light and Palamidi with the 999 steps, are waiting to welcome the visitor. This seaport's history stretches back to classical antiquity in a region that's one of the most ancient in Greece.…


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5 Must-See Beaches on Greece's Chalkidiki Peninsula


Lagomandra has become quite well-known to tourists during the last few years, so there’s no problem of accommodation, food or enjoying a good cup of coffee. One visit is enough to make you a fan of the area!…


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Mykonos, Greece: The Island of Winds

If you're looking for a beautiful, sunsplashed island with a marvelous mix of action and indolence, this world-famous member of the Cyclades Islands should be high on your list. Here are its highlights:…


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Discovering Plovdiv, Bulgaria's Second City

You will find Plovdiv
 at an hour’s distance from Sophia, Bulgaria. It’s the second most populated city of the country, built on both banks of the Maritsa River. The very first impression is pure urban as you approach the city -- multi-floor flats, concrete and steel.. However, things quickly get quite different!…


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Five Must-See Spots on Chios Island, Greece

Karfas Beach

The beach is sandy and ideal for young children, being shallow in many parts.It is about  7 km outside the town of Chios. The most famous beach of the island and possibly the most well-organized beach for tourists.




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The Archaeological Museum of Paros Island, Cyclades, Greece

Wherever a trip may take you, it’s always interesting to get to know the history and culture of the natives. Museums are one of the ways to do this of course, so when I found myself in Paros island, I made sure to visit its  Archaeological museum in the city of Parikia.

My first impression…


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Prague: The Beauty of Europe!

A city whose unique beauty none can challenge is Prague. I had the chance to visit it once again a few days ago. Beautiful Prague welcomed me with pleasantly warm temperatures. I stayed for four days as I was on a business trip, however I got the chance to take the short cruise on Moldau River and…


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A Short Trip to Berlin

A few months back I was in Berlin on a short business trip. Although my stay didn’t last long, it was a trip to remember. The capital of Germany welcomed me with sunshine and mild weather, a positive omen from the very first moment I spent there!

Due to my limited time I couldn’t go sightseeing and since my flight…


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The Alluring Halkidiki Peninsula of Northern Greece


Halkidiki lies roughly one hour from Thessaloniki and is a beloved summer destination for many people from all over the world. The beaches of the region are picturesque, accessible and well set up for tourism - and the nightlife is just as…


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