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World's Most Ethical Travel Destinations for 2014

What are the most ethical travel destinations in the world? The California-based nonprofit Ethical Traveler group has just published its top ten for 2014.

The decision is based on a combination of its human rights and social welfare record,  environmental protection including animal welfare, and its appeal as a travel destination. The list includes only…


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Swim with Whale Sharks in Gulf of Mexico Near Cancun

Whale sharks are sharks the size of whales, but unlike other sharks, they are not the least bit scary.  Even so, swimming with creatures as large as 60-feet is an adrenalin experience, as I found out on a recent whale shark tour in the Gulf of Mexico near Cancun.

Whale sharks are annual visitors to the area around the Maya Riviera, esspecially around and the islands of…


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Tips to Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From Your Hotel


Bedbugs are ugly little creatures that suck your blood while you sleep, leaving nasty bite marks. And they seem to be everywhere, including in the…


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The USA's Best Offbeat, Quirky New Year's Eve Celebrations

Everybody agrees that the two top places to ring in a new year are Times Square in New York City (right) and anywhere in Las Vegas. But there are other interesting, free, even quirky New Year’s Eve celebrations in the USA, from a cheese party in Wisconsin to a pickle party in Mount Olive,…


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Americans, Visiting Cuba Is Easier Than You Think

The visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba, and the worldwide headlines that accompany a Papal visit, may encourage more of us to add Cuba to our "bucket list" of must visit destinations, if it's not already there.

Cuba has been forbidden fruit for most Americans since the 1960s.  But it's easier to visit Cuba with a US Passport than you think, and part of the reason the New York Times named Cuba, especially Havana, one of the…


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Driving Across Libya, from Tripoli to Benghazi

The news about the apparent end of the 42-year regime of Col. Mummar Qaddafi has me remembering about the last time I visited Libya.  Actually, it was the only time I visited Libya, just before he led the military coup led that deposed the ruling family of King Idris.

My trip to Libya included visiting the incredible Roman ruins at Leptis Magna (pictured…


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How the Travel Industry Supports the U.S. Military

The travel industry gets lots of headlines for cruise ships that have to be towed into port, delayed flights and lost baggage. So it's nice to be able to wrote a good news story about the US travel industry supports US military personnel, both retired and active. Here's some of what airlines and hotels were doing for uniformed service men…


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Munich Oktoberfest Celebrates 200th Anniversary in 2010


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Avoiding Gulf Coast Oil Spill Charity Frauds and Job Scams

The good guys are volunteering and working overtime to undo the damage of the BP oil spill, the worst environmental disaster US history. Beware of frauds. The bad guys are out there scamming instead of…


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