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5 Reasons Why Rhodes is Worth Your Visit!


Just imagine: beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear azure sea, fantastic scenery and plenty of incomparable entertainment – you will find everything for the first-class vacation in one place the name of which is Rhodes Island.

Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular resorts in the world and if you want to feel its unique charming atmosphere check out our TOP 5!

Due to the…


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Phuket for Everyone: Top Spots to Visit

Many holidaymakers come to south Thailand's island in the Andaman Sea seeking R&R on tropical beaches. But there is also plenty of opportunity to explore history, ecotourism, and myriad other attractions. And the best way to get around is via motorbike (250 baht plus 100 bat for fuel), or especially if you're a family or group of friends, a …


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Living Grandly: Luxurious and Fashionable Hotels in Montego Bay

This is a perfect travelling place for people, who adore prestigious white beaches, variety of night clubs and restaurants. Pay your special attention to the variety of excursion routes that are usually offered for lux guests. Anyway, you need to live with chic to a high standard.…


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Top 10 Budget Hotels in Thessaloniki, Greece


You can find a good hotel for your budget and preferences in Thessaloniki. Obviously, the best of the best places are situated at the sea cost, offering their own beaches, well-organized with the beach umbrellas and sunbeds. For chic hotels, check out these 10.

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki is a beautiful green hotel, offering…


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Dublin’s Top 10 Spots for Dinner

As the capital of Ireland, amazing Dublin has won the hearts of many visitors, impressing with its mysterious castles and palaces, stunning nature, and beautiful landscapes. 

But while sightseeing is great, many also need to focus on the practical, such as affordable eats. Dublin isn't quite on the list…


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8 Best Parks For Picnics in Toronto

It's not surprising that during the warm season, Toronto’s parks attract huge crowds who like to eat and get in some relaxation in the open air. So if that appeals to you, we’ve prepared a list of the best parks for a nice picnic in Toronto. These are not only traditional lawns and gardens. You’ll find there completely unexpected spots which will satisfy even the most demanding picnic…


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Boston's Top 8 Musts


Visiting the capital of Massachusetts (and, indeed, all of New England) is a treat in uncountable ways, as 16 million visitors a year can tell you. And here are the don't misses:

Freedom Trail

An itinerary covering 16 key history/heritage sites connected to the American Revolution for independence from Great Britain. It includes the Massachusetts State House, the cemetery where various famous citizens are buried;…


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The 8 Most Impressive Sights of Milan


Milan is an elegant and cosmopolitan city proud of both its business importance and cultural heritage, and of course it's world famous for its fashion industry and shopping, 


Few can be indifferent to the magnificent Gothic building that is Milan's cathedral - the world's sixth largest, holding more than 40 000 people. Located at the heart of…


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7 of the Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Beautiful Portland, Oregon has been getting a fair amount of attention in recent years for its restaurant scene. Each café and restaurant of Portland offers something special, whether it’s a special dish or the other point of interest. However, only several ones are considered to be the best in…


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5 Best Beaches for Swimming/Sunning/ Diving in Langkawi, Malaysia

The main attractions of Maylasia's sprawling, paradisiacal archipelago of Langkawi are its beautiful sandy beaches, and lots of experienced tourists consider this is the best place in the whole country for diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, and relaxation. And they are absolutely right: the beaches of Langkawi are so diverse that anyone can find one (or more) to satisfy a range of needs and desires. My top…


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A Weekend of Culture & Shopping in Florence



Considered one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, Florence is famous for its picturesque scenery, and rich historical and cultural heritage, with numerous museums, galleries and architectural landmarks.

It has also historically been the seat of world-known…


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A Weekend in Beautiful Bergamo, Italy

The truth is that most people arriving at  Bergamo airport ignore the city and prefer to go to Milan right off the bat. (very often it's cheaper to fly in here on airlines including Ryanair, United, and Lufthansa, then pay 10 euros for a 50-kilometre (30-mile) bus ride than flying directly to Milan). But whether you're flying in, or find yourself passing through the Lombardy region - the…


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10 Secrets: How To Enjoy Italy & Save Money!

Most of you will ask a simple question: how can I explore Italy and return home with a full wallet? Answers can be really different. 

Some people cannot keep themselves from expensive hotels, luxury restaurants, costly attractions and unnecessary trinkets. 

And we’ll show you how to have fun and spend time with comfort while being in Italy.

Let’s find out how to plan your trip and keep a budget!


1. All of you…


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A Wonderful Car Trip Through Croatia

Croatia is such a perfect combination of rich nature along with hundreds of historical monuments, so it has become quite popular among tourists.

Image source:

 has almost everything for all kinds of activities from swimming in…


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10 Spots in Dubai To Enjoy for Free

As we all know, Dubai is quite an expensive city, especially if we compare it to the other magnificent megapolises. At first it may even seem that there’s nothing to do in Dubai without a great stack of money, but not so. Every city, no matter which, has amazing places which you can enjoy absolutely for free.

Here's a list of my top choices in Dubai (in many cases, you'll need a rental car to reach them). 

1. The Dubai Fountain

Enjoy an incredible…


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7 Things I Learned While in Australia

Image source:

Before traveling abroad I tried to read travel guides, many books and journals to get knowledge about Australia, in order not to seem impolite or ignorant. So, I carefully examined information and was ready to start my exciting trip.

When I arrived to a town near Sydney, and the first situation which happened to me showed that the real life here…


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5 Romantic Places in Girona, Catalonia, Spain


Image source:

Although Girona is small town, it includes all the beauty and diversity of the big city. See with your own eyes the different items in the museums and be delighted with historic buildings, admire the architecture of streets and squares, stroll through green parks and beautiful embankments, enjoy festivals, cultural and musical events,…


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