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New York City: 10 Suggestions for a Truly Iconic Travel Experience

Anyone who’s ever been to New York City knows that there’s enough to see and do there to keep someone busy for a lifetime, let alone a week’s holiday. Which is why a well-thought out itinerary is so important! Our local guide Rob is a native New Yorker, a photo-journalist and story-teller by trade, and licensed guide for New York City.…

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Using Public Bikes in Paris & London: How To - & Why To!

While traveling through Europe one recent August, I took a different approach to getting around than I have in the past. Usually I buy some sort of multi-day public transit pass that allows me extensive use of a city’s public transit system. Paris and London in particular have superb bus and subway train…

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Copenhagen’s Café Scene: 5 Places to Enjoy Coffee and Wienerbrød

So you’ve walked every inch of Copenhagen’s Indre By (Old Town) and are…

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10 Uniquely Inspiring Bookstores Around the World

While no one can deny the convenience of e-readers, they lack the beauty of a well-designed trade paperback, the solid feel of a…

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Highlights of Scotland's West Coast: Tips From a Local Guide

Our Glaswegian guide Bill has been on the receiving end of a…

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Food, Fashion and Fancy in London’s Markets

Covered, uncovered, on streets or converted Victorian buildings, London’s markets are a long-standing tradition in the British capital, and a great way to rub shoulders with the locals. Below are some of our favourites:…


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7 Ways to Improve your Cruise Experience

Many ToursByLocals travelers are avid cruisers. Knowing this, we have secured excellent guide-partners at virtually every major and minor port of call in the world, so that our travelers always have the option of booking private tours independent of the cruise line. In the spirit of celebrating the…

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Ten Ways to Experience Vancouver Like a Local

While spending time with a French travel journalist yesterday, I found myself talking a lot about what draws so many people to move to Vancouver – and why we’re considered one of the very best cities in the world in which to live. It's a combination of our beautiful natural setting, progressive populace and thriving cultural scenes.…

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"Backyard" Canadian Travel: Discovering Alberta's Crowsnest Pass

Western Canada is blessed with some of the most incredible scenery on the planet, and every summer international visitors flock to Alberta and British Columbia in search of the crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains and glacial valleys that scream…

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10 European Cities You Haven't Visited Yet But Should!

The title says it all: below we’ve rounded up ten amazing cities we’ve overlooked time and again in favour of the biggies. Why should places like Paris, Rome and London get all the love? There’s no need to abandon your favourites, but next…

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Being a Flaneur in the Parks of Paris

File:Jardin du Luxembourg.JPG

There’s something about Paris. More people than would care to admit have engaged in misty-eyed fantasies of renting an artist’s garret in Saint Germain, spending mornings walking along the Seine baguette in hand, and afternoons sipping coffee at Café deux Magots. There are, of course, the famous sites to see – le tour Eiffel, Sacré Coeur,…


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Four Fun Camera Phone Apps to Enhance Your Travel Photos

More people than ever are relying on just their smart phones when it comes to travel photography. And why not? Our smartphones are slim, portable devices that take up less space and attract far less attention than DSLRs or even compact cameras. And the results we can achieve with our smartphones are remarkable!…

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Vancouver: 10 Ways to Enjoy Yourself for Free

photo 1. Deep Cove is barely a 30 minute drive from downtown, but offers a completely serene, secluded experience. Take in the view of fir trees and water from Panorama Park, then hike…

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Celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico City

Travelers to Mexico at the start of November are be fortunate enough to witness – and participate in, if you choose – one of Mexico’s most celebrated holidays: the Day of the Dead.… photo


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Spotlight on Paris: the Bastille and the Marché Aligre

Few cities stir a traveler’s imagination like Paris. The anticipation of traveling here is almost tangible: we see ourselves sitting outside a cosy sidewalk café, sipping from a glass of wine or holding a warm café au lait, and watching the stylish passersby. And while we want to see the sights, most of us also strive for a behind-the-scenes experience –…

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Enjoying Venice's Festa del Redentore

One of Venice’s most popular festivals is about to begin: the Festa del Redentore. Ermanno, one of our local guides in Venice, calls this his “favourite festival of the year” (as it is for many Venetians!) and he’s taking time today to share a bit of information about the festival’s history and program details for 2013. If you’re going to be in Venice…

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10 Tips to Make Your Next Tour an Unforgettable 5-Star Experience

So you’ve decided a private tour is the way to go on your next trip. Great! Chances are you’re going to have a terrific time seeing the sights, accessing the local culture and making a new friend in a foreign place. Below we’ve compiled some tips on how to ensure your tour is truly memorable – for all the right reasons.…

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The Seven Wonders of Lviv, Ukraine

Today we are lucky to feature a lovely guest blogger with many names: she can be Irene if…

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Roadtripping With Children: How to Do It Without Losing Your Sanity or Sense of Adventure

photo As I started to plan our family’s big summer road trip yesterday, I recognised a giddy sensation I hadn’t felt in a while: it was the happy feeling I get whenever travel plans begin to…

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Earth Day: 10 Habits to Greener Travel

Happy Earth Day! While it goes without saying that we should engage in environmentally sound practices every single day of the year, April 22nd is a good day to pause and evaluate our habits, and consider how our daily activities - and our vacations - affect the planet.…

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