Copenhagen’s Café Scene: 5 Places to Enjoy Coffee and Wienerbrød

So you’ve walked every inch of Copenhagen’s Indre By (Old Town) and are ready to branch out into other neighbourhoods. Here’s a list of five fantastic cafés frequented by locals so you can experience a slice of the city’s vibrant café culture on your wanders through the Copenhagen’s fascinating and eclectic neighbourhoods.

1. Granola (edge of Frederiksberg)

Sitting pretty on Vaerndamesjev (the city’s popular foodie street), the long-running Granola boasts a classic art deco interior, delicious breakfasts and smoothies to die for. Enjoy a seat inside or spill out onto the sidewalk with the locals.

2. Café Taxa (Norrebro)

Our guide Anders recommended this particular local gem to me, and we met here for a cool mint-infused lemonade. If you’re riding a bike around the city, this is a classic place to stop, sitting right beside a bike path at the entrance to Norrebro Park.

3. Kaffe & Vinyl (Vesterbro)

Some people avoid Vesterbro because of its long-faded red-light district. Ignore this tiny pocket of sordid history and delve into Copenhagen’s hippest neighbourhood. At Kaffe & Vinyl you can browse an eclectic selection of music while waiting for your morning brew. The café sits on Skydebanagade, one of Vesterbro’s most charming streets.

4. Café Bopa (Osterbro)

The posh, leafy, left-leaning academic neighbourhood of Osterbro has been nicknamed “the latte district” – so how can you not find a pleasing café scene here? Café Bopa sits on a quiet courtyard, where locals play Pétanque and children have access to a small playground. If you go, ask the serving staff about the café’s connection to the Danish Nazi resistance.

5. Café Lagkagehuset (Christianshavn – and everywhere else too!)

No matter where you are in Copenhagen, you’re never far from a Lagkagehuset. Recently voted the best bakery in the city by Copenhagen-ers, the great coffee and a superb selection of Danish pastries (including the delicious “chocolate bowl”!) make this a popular local chain. Remember to grab a number when you get inside to ensure prompt counter service.

Now that you’re in the know there’s no excuses for sticking to the tourist centre – branch out! And don’t forget to do as the Danes do, and use a bicycle to get there.

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