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The Traveler: The Ultimate Black Sheep



Bah bah black sheep. Whatever. I hail from New England. You work hard in high school to get into a good college. You work hard there to get the good job. Then your high school sweetheart wants a ring and a white picket fence. Done. Babies, mortgages, fixing your gutters, etc. etc. etc.


F that. So I disappeared to California for a 5…


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Ballooning in Tuscany!

So you are in Tuscany and you've had enough food and wine. What to do?

Well, there is several companies in the region that offer balloon rides. If you need a little more excitement, it's a pretty good time.  I visited Tuscany in September, which is the end of ballooning season (apparently) due to the conditions.  Its not…


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Highlights of New Zealand's North Island

  • BAY OF ISLANDS: If you can survive the four-hour drive (for which I rented a car), I highly recommend checking out the Bay of Islands. I got some incredible weather and had the privilege of working with R. Tucker Thompson and meeting some awesome people. Paihia is a great place to make your home base, and you can check everything out in about four days. Kings Road has some cool bars…

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Top 10 Artists/Albums to Hit the Road With

10. UP IN THE AIR SOUNDTRACK: A great movie with some great performances, but the soundtrack is also very good, well about half of it. Mixes new school and old school with some great messages. If you like travel, this is a great place to start with some music.


9: U2 GREATEST HITS. Ok, here's the thing. I'm not a obessive U2 fan or nothing. I just think they got some good tunes, its inspring, and they mean good. They aren't the next coming of Jesus, but,…


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Top 5 Spots to Backpack in New Zealand

Pahilia: Bay of Islands is a great place to visit.  Its relaxing, calming, and there's still alot to do. Pahilia is a great place to start your adventures.  It allows easy access to the North and West to do Cape Reinga, Sand surfing and glow worm caves to the South.  Not to mention in…

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Image So in honor of the earthquake we just had here in New England, the Walnuts here would like to discuss some quick tips when your find yourself in the middle of one.  First (as i did) yell at your mother who is completely oblivious to the house shakin’. After you’re done alerting others in your vicinity, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. if in your house, go under a doorway or table and protect your…

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San Gimignano Tips

Located off the beaten path in central Tuscany, Italy, one of the most popular tourist spots is San Gimignano.  Known for it towers, its a great day spot to see.  The shopping it rather insignificant. You won't find anything unique rather its on touristy cheesy stuff so save your pennies.  The tower offers a great view of the tuscan landscape so its definitely…


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Stargazing in New England

In dedication to my new show about New England travel (Beyond the Beans).

My first blog will entail a very important event occurring this weekend.  Stargazing in New England is very tough. The amount of artificial light and pollution can make it quite difficult for viewing.  So if you're all about some st ar gazing and your live in New England, here are…


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Tips For Visiting Florence, Italy

What to tell you. For starters, don't drive in. Don't do it.

Park at the Piazzo de Michelangelo. 

It's free. Then take a taxi in, or

you can walk it, but its a hike.


Most everything is in the center of the city. DON'T GO ON MONDAY. EVERYTHING

IS CLOSED. I made that mistake. 

The… Continue

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A Guide to Being a Good Guide

I AM NOT AN EXPERT. Yet. There's a couple dudes better than me (Arthur Frommer & Rick Stevens to name a few). I'm trying. I'm learning. So here's a couple tips to be a better guide.

1. Don't hide all your money in one place. Cause if someone gets it, that's it. Have a…

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Driving Tips in Tuscany

Normally I enjoy the lighter side of life, but this post is all business.

I'm serious. If you rent a car in the Tuscany region here are some 

super important tips and tricks you'll need to know.

1. Don't drive into most major cities. Lucca, Florence, and Siena are all

walking towns. Park on the outskirts of town and walk/taxi it in.… Continue

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Season 2 is here!!!


So after saving some pennies for a bit after NZ, we've come to our next destination! My mom has always wanted to see Tuscany (thanks to Under the Tuscan Sun) and since her traveling prowess isn't the best, I'll be on hand to help out. With the pops at the helm, it's sure to be quite the adventure. So, a week in Tuscany…


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Are Gadgets Making Us Antisocial?

I'm writing on a laptop. Yes I am. I have a blackberry, not an iphone. I do not own a kindle, portable tv or an ipad. I resisted the VHS to DVD switch. I love my original nintendo and don't own (and never have) an xbox, playstation or Wii. I, however, am feeling guilty. On my travels there are some essentials. Computer, Camera, phone, Ipod, chargers (wall and car), dvd…


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New Zealand Transportation: What's Your Budget?

BUSES: There's several bus companies that offer…

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