With the cost of checked baggage being outrageous, a pashmina is a must to bring with you on a trip, even if you're going someplace hot. A pashmina has numerous uses, yet weigh almost nothing.

  • They look great just tied around your neck and shoulders, dressing up a very simple outfit.
  • Avoid those nasty blankets on the plane and cover up with your pashmina.
  • Impromptu picnic or beach blanket
  • Emergency towel
  • Roll it up for a neck pillow
  • Cover up a hotel window that doesn't have a curtain.
  • Smog or smoke making it hard to breathe? Dampen an area of your pashmina and breathe through it.
  • Bathing suit cover-up
  • Use it to partially cover your face in countries that require it.
  • Lightweight blanket.
  • Emergency tourniquet
These are just a few ideas--take a pashmina along on your next journey and I would bet you'll find even more uses.

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