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Statues Stand as Sentinels in Sarasota

St. Armands Circle in Sarasota is a surprisingly interesting place to visit. The powers that be have made the history of Sarasota absorbing even to those of us who don't consider themselves history buffs.


Take the 33 statues that are placed among the beautiful landscaping. Beautifully restored, and some of them new, they beckon the visitor to take a closer look…


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What to Expect When You Stay in a B&B

B&Bs, aka Bed & Breakfasts, are the perfect choice for a couple or a single person traveling. I can't honestly say how it would be to take kids--I've been at a B&B where the owner's two kids controlled the place, but that was the parents fault, not the guests. I guess it would depend on how well behaved your children are.  In all my stays at B&B's I have yet to see other guests bring their children.…


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Don't Miss Gigi in Miami!

Tired from a morning of working on blogs, my companion and I went to "gigi" in Miami for a quick bite to eat. I knew I was hungry and wanted to try something new, and as a resident of Miami, my companion said she had heard great things about "gigi".

I was not to be disappointed. The concepts are fresh and small plates for sharing, and they are dead on. The menu is a two-sided 8 1/2 x 5 piece of heavy…


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A B&B in Portland, Maine, With a Big Future: Chadwick's

I was prepared to be impressed. The innkeeper, E. Scot Fuller, is a chef, so the breakfast part I was quite sure would be outstanding. The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast, located at 140 Chadwick Street in Portland, has it all, and I sensed it the moment I walked into the lovely foyer. To my immediate right was the guest dining room, done in cheery shades of blues and yellow and to my left was a large guest living room, complete with fireplace, plenty of books, movies, DVD's, games and puzzles.…


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Next Trip - Bed, Breakfast and Bartenders!

I'm convinced that I have the best job in the world. No, I didn't say the highest paid--that would bring huge guffaws from travel writers around the world because the money involved is more like a ten-year-old's allowance. But the benefits..!!


February 28th is the Bartender's Bash, THE event that decides the bartender and drink that he/she has concocted out of Cold River Vodka or Gin.Cold River Vodka and Gin are entirely Maine-made products. Thirty bartenders are contending…


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A Woman's Travel Necessity

With the cost of checked baggage being outrageous, a pashmina is a must to bring with you on a trip, even if you're going someplace hot. A pashmina has numerous uses, yet weigh almost nothing.

  • They look great just tied around your neck and shoulders, dressing up a very simple outfit.
  • Avoid those nasty blankets on the plane and cover up with your pashmina.
  • Impromptu picnic or beach blanket
  • Emergency towel
  • Roll it up for a neck…

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Longboat Key's Sandpiper Inn

I love a good Inn. When I'm off taking a break, I really don't want to see staff coming and going, I just want a place to relax and get a good night's sleep. And not a kid in sight.


At the Sandpiper Inn, I did just that.  The Gulf was a stroll away--I could hear it from my bedroom window--and it was a quiet and peaceful place to relax and write.  There was a tiny pool, but the temps while I visited didn't merit a cool-off swim; The landscaping was beautiful and several places…


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Oh, You Lucky Snowbirds!

There are several things that are expected when one lives in Maine and not necessarily in a good way. Take winter for example. We know it's going to be cold (this morning it was 2 whole degrees) and that snow will be involved at some point. In the last few days we've received a foot and are told to expect another major storm within the week.

Snow is so pretty to look at, especially the light fluffy stuff that has settled on…


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The Ultimate Cold River Cocktail

Here in Maine, we know alcohol. Of course the best known Maine alcohol would be "Allen's Coffee Brandy". Someone, somewhere, probably having to do with ice-drinking fishing, decided that Allen's goes well with milk, and the drink went viral.  Young men refer to the drink as LPR (liquid panty remover); all I know is what I've seen--too many years of whole milk and Allen's…


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