So i was recently looking to take a Hawaii vacation and I wasn't sure which island to visit. This was my first time taking a trip to Hawaii and wanted to find the best island for me and my family. I know the most famous island is Oahu with Waikiki and a lot of people travel there. The other good thing about taking a trip to Oahu is because the prices are lower compared to other islands. The one problem with taking a vacation to Oahu is how crowded it is. A majority of travelers head to Oahu but I wanted to try something that less people do. The next island that I started looking at was Maui. Maui is an absolutely beautiful island plus not as many people travel there. The only drawback was how expensive the hotel rooms were. The final island that I looked at was the Big Island. The reason why I considered this island was because of the active volcano in Hilo. I felt like it is a once in a lifetime experience to see an active volcano and it is absolutely beautiful there. After researching all three islands and talked it over with my family we finally made a decision. As a family we decided that we would take a vacation to Maui. Yeah the prices were a bit more compared to other islands but the fact that the beaches were less crowded compared to other islands and there were activities we wanted to try out in Maui, it made the decision a lot easier for us. We are all really looking forward to our trip to Maui.

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