Costa Rica as a model country for ecotourism

With extensive natural parks, protected areas and numerous biological reserves, Costa Rica is a prime destination for ecotourism. In fact, Costa Rica is considered a pioneer in ecotourism, having devoted resources toward the development of an environmentally friendly ecotourism industry which is immensely popular with tourists and environmentalist alike.


One example of this kind of forward-thinking initiative is the Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program (CST), which rates businesses on a five star scale within the tourism sector on their degree of sustainability and resource management. Ecotourists with an eye on Costa Rica can even locate CST rated hotels and tours online. Another excellent example is the Blue Flag Ecological Program, in its 12th year of operation, which aims to protect Costa Rica's beautiful and bio-diverse beaches by requiring that communities wishing to participate adhere to specific microbiological and environmental criteria.


With approximately 25% of Costa Rica's national land under protection and a mild climate surrounding one of the most bio-diverse locations on the planet, there is something here for everyone. From lush rainforests to pristine beaches, vacation packages and individual destinations offer beautiful, environmentally friendly adventures, including:

Tortuguero National Park, where sea turtles come to nest every year.


Coco Island National Park, a former refuge of pirates, with beautiful and awe inspiring waterfalls and underwater caves.


Explore Costa Rican jungles, where visitors have a chance to see three toed sloths, crocodiles, and more.


Nearly 850 species of birds, including warblers, vireos, orioles, flycatchers and more, either live year round or migrate to Costa Rica throughout the year.


With a deep respect for its immense ecosystem and a passion for being a world leader in sustainability, Costa Rica provides its ecotourists with a dose of education to go with a dizzying array of mainland and coastal adventures.


For more than 25 years, Horizontes Nature Tours has led thousands of tourists on Costa Rica vacations to the most beautiful destinations, with the richest biodiversity and source of extraordinary memories in the country.

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