Explore, Enjoy and go on an Adventure While Traveling Solo to Costa Rica

Traveling is an adventure and traveling solo allows you to enjoy the holiday and have new experiences, without having to compromise with fellow travelers. Although solo traveling isn't for everyone and there are some types of travel that you may not want to solo, but if you are ready for an independent, fun-filled holiday, Costa Rica is a great place to get your feet wet with solo traveling. There are a wide range of benefits to solo traveling, including doing the things that you enjoy doing. 


This is your chance to meet new people, explore new places and do everything you want to do. There is something exciting about meeting new friends, so during your Horizontes tour in Costa Rica, make sure to strike up a conversation with the people on your tour, in restaurants and on excursions.  Learn and experience the country in a new and exciting way!


You can’t go to Costa Rica without spending time on the gorgeous beaches, but you should also do things you wouldn't normally do. While many of our tours at Horizontes have daily planned activities, there is normally down time to explore the area as well…put on a pair of comfortable shoes and go for a long, unmapped walk. Stop in small, family run boutiques, eat at a local “soda”, chat with local shop owners to learn a few words in the local language and simply enjoy the time, the environment and the unfamiliarity of it all.


For more than 25 years, Horizontes Nature Tours has led thousands of tourists on Costa Rica vacations to the most beautiful destinations, with the richest biodiversity and source of extraordinary memories in the country.

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