Custom Artisan Cereal with reddish goji fruit

Cereal makes a terrific breakfast especially when it contains a tasty combination of grains, nuts and fruit. For foodies or those going organic, I found a custom artisanal cereal company with a fantastic product line-up: me and goji. 

What's goji?  A Tibetan superfruit from the Himalayas  that's packed with dizzying amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals; a fruit with a mild, tangy taste that is slightly sweet and sour.

Adam and Alexander, the owners, are two friends who played soccer together at Northwestern University. They were forced to live off dorm food while training multiple times per day and trying to perform at a very high level without the proper fuel.

So, they decided to combine their passion for healthy, good-tasting food in a way that would benefit social and environmental needs. Adam said, "We took America’s favorite breakfast food, cereal, added better ingredients, and gave you the power to cater it to your specific tastes and nutritional needs."

The company graciously sent me a canister of Adam's Apple cereal which consists of flaxed and flaked organic corn, amaranth, flax, sesame, ground cinnamon, apple, goji, golden raisins, cranberry and pumpkin seeds.  A bowlful of this pretty mixture not only delighted my palate, but kept me going all morning. I especially enjoyed it with additional fresh fruit, like blueberries, banana or peaches or snacking on a handful.

After munching my way through a canister, I decided to order more and signed on to the website: You pick the ingredients and put together your own blends or choose from their specialty combinations: one for expectant Moms, cancer survivors, heart healthy diets or a hot cereal mix. 

Now, the truly fun part- you can order a canister for a child, or anyone else for that matter, with their photo on the label. You can also choose to name your batch. I am sending an order to my grandson, Jonah for his second birthday!

So, if you need a gift that will be used and enjoyed, I suggest you consider cereal.  Sure, it's a little unusual but anyone with special dietary needs, athletes, growing kids or foodies will love it.

Disclaimer:  Although the company sent me a sample of their cereal, I am not being paid to say any of the above. I am being sinCEREALaly  honest when I say I loved this product.

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