Five Ways to Spend your Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays

For some people going on holiday entails booking two weeks in the sun, lying on a beach and drinking cocktails as the sun sets. But for others with a more daring disposition who seek something more stimulating, then a vast array of thrilling adventure holidays across the world are just waiting to be discovered. If it's a more daring expedition that gets you excited, then there are lots of companies that will take the hard work out of organizing even the most audacious of trips.


Northern Pakistan

You could decide to travel in a jeep across the terrain of the under-explored north of Pakistan, glide past the Himalayan mountain range, hike to Nanga Parbat and see the amazing Kalash Valley. You could then take a saunter across one of the world's most dangerous suspension bridges at Passu Glacier whilst encountering some wonderfully welcoming people. This and much, much more can be tailored to meet the most thrill-seeking needs of the ultimate adventurers.



Why not get on your bike and cycle to see some of the most stunning sights Burma has to offer, such as the Inthein pagodas, the villages of Inle Lake and the meandering Irrawaddy River. Of course, no trip to Burma would be complete without a visit to the royal capital of Mandalay, immortalized by Kipling's poem of the same name. Travelling by bike gives the adventurer an opportunity to see the country from a truly different and intimate perspective.



For many seeking the ultimate adventure holiday, it has to be connecting with nature and the animal kingdom in Africa. Companies can organize treks starting in East Africa and then crossing Central Africa into the West of the continent. Along this glorious and extreme terrain, the intrepid traveller will encounter the unique beauty of this wondrous continent.



If it's a staycation extreme survival adventure you seek, then Bear Grylls can accommodate you with a five-day course in the remote Scottish Highlands where you will learn all the skillsyou need to survive in the wilderness, such as creating fire and finding out about edible flora. This is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and discover your hidden strengths by coping without the luxuries of modernity.



It not just the foot-loose and fancy-free who seek the exciting unknown, as many families wishing to create lasting and marvellous memories also want adventure holidays. Trips such as exploring the sights of Egypt have lots of built in fun activities for the children like camel rides to the pyramids, or an exciting hot-air balloon ride drifting over the River Nile.


It was Saint Augustine who said "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page". So when thinking about planning that much-needed holiday, arrange to read a big fat book. Travel broadens the mind and makes us better people by enabling us to become more open and accepting of other cultures and people, and that can only be a positive result for the global community.

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