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How to Flourish as a Travel and Tourism Professional in Australia


Tourism careers in Melbourne and other major cities across Australia are taking off as the travel and tourism market in Australia continues to grow year on year. This means lots of exciting new opportunities are out there for anyone already working in this industry, or for those looking to break into it. Take a look at these key tips on how to do well on this exciting career path, and watch your future soar along with the visitor numbers.



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Trending Jobs for Travel Companies in London


The UK travel business is booming, especially in the capital city. The recent focus of recruitment for travel company jobs in London reflects the changing tastes and dreams of travelers, whether business or pleasure, foreign or domestic. Here we look in more detail at three roles which all have a different focus yet share one common thread - they are all some of the top trending travel company jobs in the city.

Travel Consultants for Specific…


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What Do You Get with a Greek Bareboat Charter?

Greece witnessed its biggest tourist season ever in 2015, with more than 25 million tourists proving, that this southern European country remains a welcoming and safe place to enjoy a sailing holiday.

The best way to experience Greece is on a sailing holiday, exploring ancient ruins and sampling traditional meze at waterside tavernas. With over 8,000 miles of…


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Experience travel in professional chauffeur driven cars

Chauffeur driven cars, whether owned or hired, are becoming more and more popular as our roads get busier and busier.

Time is money. This is a slogan used by businessmen worldwide, so why waste time driving yourself around, getting bogged down in traffic and stressing about finding a parking space. Hire a chauffeur driven car to take away the stress of driving yourself.



Executive car services always provide top of the range cars and…


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Extending a Travel Insurance: All you Need to Know!

We all insure our houses, our health, our possessions and our car, so, why are one in four people travelling abroad without travel insurance?

We all think it won't happen to us, but accidents on holiday happen daily - some of these are life threatening, and the cost of medical bills can be extortionate. Many travellers don't know what travel insurance is for, or what it covers, and some mistakenly think that the UK government will pay medical costs if they are taken ill abroad. Travel…


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Five Ways to Spend your Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays

For some people going on holiday entails booking two weeks in the sun, lying on a beach and drinking cocktails as the sun sets. But for others with a more daring disposition who seek something more stimulating, then a vast array of thrilling adventure holidays across the world are just waiting to be discovered. If it's a more daring expedition that gets you excited, then there are lots of companies that will take the hard work out of organizing even the most…


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Types of Activity Holidays You Must Try

Imagine clear blue skies, crystal-clear seas and picturesque beaches and you will find yourself nestled amongst the magical Greek Ionian Islands. The main Ionian Islands that we know today lie off the west coast of Greece and consist of Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefallonia, Zante and Kythira. They have an Italian influence due to the close proximity to Italy, and each one offers plenty of activities to keep the most adventurous holiday-maker occupied. Get away from it all and discover…


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6 of London's Best Located 5-Star Hotels

Five Star Hotels in London

Best for a Night Out: The Savoy

If you want to book a special hotel for a big night out, you will no doubt need it to be near the West End, where the city's best restaurants, clubs, theatres and pubs are located. Where better to rest your head then than the fabulous Savoy, possibly the most famous hotel in London and located conveniently just a stone's throw from Covent Garden, along The Strand?

Best for Museums: The Gore Hotel



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6 Days Trip to Bhutan - Things You Just Can’t Miss!

People living in India may refer a vacation to Bhutan as ‘foreign trip’. You may laugh at this thought, but this is a reality. From a geographical aspect, Bhutan is the neighboring country of India where the GDP is not measured in economic terms but as Gross National Happiness. There are more such surprises waiting for you at the kingdom of Bhutan. Majestic Himalayas, beautiful valley, breathtaking surroundings and serene monasteries will stick a smile on your 6…


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Vacations in Gold Coast – Something for Everyone in Family

More than thousands of places are waiting on earth yet to get explored. But if you are still unable to zero down on a place for your vacation, this blog is made only for you. How about visiting Australia this time, with your family? If you are thinking about, which part of the island then Queensland is the target and the location is Gold Coast. Exited, aren’t you? There is something for every member in your family – water parks, serene beaches, natural beauty,…


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Food to Order for Indian Friends in London for a House Party

Planning to throw a party for your Indian friends who have been in London for years? Any party for friends who are Indian but have been in London for eternity is incomplete without some Indian food! Indian food brings with it bucket loads of memories of their growing up years. Are you wondering why Indian food in a house party? Well, the usual delicacy of London is commonly found everywhere, but the treasure trove is hidden in the Indian food that is a rare…


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Cricket World Cup - Turning the Heat on This February in Queensland

With the clock ticking 12 o’clock on 31st December 2014, the continent Australia prepares to move from one big celebration to another – the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2015. A grand event that is planned to be hosted throughout the length and breadth of the continent, the country Australia will be geared up with their preparation in full swing. Matching up to the summer’s heat, the states where games are scheduled will be extremely busy in organising matches of…


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Dream Cottages for Your Holiday Inspiration

When going on vacation, one of the most important decisions you need to make is where to reside for the duration of your stay. You will have lots of different options at your disposal, from hotels to B&Bs. However, most people will agree that cottages are the best selection. There are many benefits to be gained by going down this route. You will be able to take advantage of some of the most stunning settings with beautiful views on offer.Also a lot of people…


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Study for a Career in Hotel Management

Hospitality and hotel management is a growing area of interest for students, but many are confused as to the exact areas of study. We've put together a short guide to explain some of the module headings you may see in hotel management courses.


With a post graduate or undergraduate qualification in hospitality and hotel management, you'll join one of the fastest growing industries in the world that offers a multitude of career options both at home and abroad.



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