Food to Order for Indian Friends in London for a House Party

Planning to throw a party for your Indian friends who have been in London for years? Any party for friends who are Indian but have been in London for eternity is incomplete without some Indian food! Indian food brings with it bucket loads of memories of their growing up years. Are you wondering why Indian food in a house party? Well, the usual delicacy of London is commonly found everywhere, but the treasure trove is hidden in the Indian food that is a rare sight. Thankfully, due to growing consumerism and globalization, Indian food is finally paving its way in the global food market. This can be easily seen in the growing number of Indian restaurants that have opened in London and are booming big time. The craze for Indian spices and curries do not just have a soft spot among Indians but locals of London seem to be craving for the curries and the spices as well.

Don’t we all gather the drools and the slurps at the sight of rajma chawal served piping hot enthralling us all with their aroma or even makki ke roti and sarson da saag. Well finding these items in a restaurant can get taxing. But you always have the scope to whip them up at home and keep everybody licking their fingers throughout the evening. Having a hard time to cook the dishes for your big gang of friends? Don’t worry because you still have the option to order in the food from some of the best Indian restaurant in London.

Now comes the tough part of selecting the best food items for the party that you are throwing for your friends. We assist you in ordering some of the staple best.


• Appetizers – The appetizers are the perfect teasers to kick start the party with great gusto. So order kebabs because no one can go wrong in keeping the taste of the kebab intact. Wait till the time you see your guests pounce on them and recite exciting tales about their favourite kebab memories. The Mixed Grill is the best of the lot since it has an assortment of all the kebabs put together. How about some gol guppa? This is the most celebrated Indian street food that nobody can ever get tired of. Perhaps this is the only street food that is synonymous with India. So you can order some of these as well and have it without any inhibitions just like you would on the streets of India.

• Main Course – No meal or for that matter no party is ever complete without some Biriyani and chunky meat pieces thrown around the heap of rice. The aroma is surely going to keep you enticed till the last spoon. Then there are the soft and fluffy chapattis reminding you of the warm phulkas that your mother used to make for dinner every night. Don’t miss out on the Peshawari Naan as well.

• Side Orders – The great Indian curry, how can anybody forget the taste even if they are miles away from home? The fish, prawn, chicken and lamb curries seem to rule our hearts with the taste lingering in our mind. If butter chicken has its own charm, then how can lamb rogan josh be far off? Ruling the Bengali kitchen for decades now are the fish. So for a Bengali, a hearty meal is complete only when they have a nice piece of fish entwined in their plate.

• Desserts – What is a good meal if it does not end with something sweet? So keep some space in your tummy for rasmalai and gulab jamun. All things sweet should be kept at the end to have sweet memories and that is what party thrown for friends are all about.

The vegetarian section has its own set of items that are sure to keep the veg lovers spoilt for choice about which ones to opt for. Not just that, many veg friendly foodies would even secretly wish if only they could wash down all the items those are on display.

The items listed above will help you make your food selection easy for your party. The items are the best in terms of flavour and taste that will surely keep your guests for the night completely entertained.

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