Lions, Tigers, No Clothes? Oh, My! Discover the Bare Facts About a Naked Vacation

Are you tired of dragging your luggage through the airport? Frustrated that it tips over and won't turn when it's supposed to? Does it irk you when you have to stuff your carry-on in the overhead bin by pushing and shoving?

Well, if so, maybe it's time for a Nakation. Yep, you got it, a naked vacation. Just think, you'll never have to pack again! You won't have to worry about baggage charges or airport security - you'll be free in more ways than one!

The American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) has over 250 resorts, clubs, campgrounds, and RV parks, where you can choose to enjoy your Nakation.

Erich Schuttauf, AANR's Executive Director states, "To avoid added baggage stressde-stress and rejuvenate you, plan a Nakation – a vacation to a nudist resort! All you’ll need for the week (sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, shoes and toiletries) can fit in a small carry on that will fit under the seat, avoiding even carry on bag fees."

He continues, "So avoid the hassles of security screening bag issues, worries over lost belongings because you can’t lock your luggage to protect checked valuables. And the fact that overhead compartments never seem large enough for carry on roller bags. Take a Nakation.”

For more information, visit AANR.

Photo Courtesy of American Association of Nude Recreation.
Travel Writer ©2010 by Connie Motz. All Rights Reserved.
as you embark upon a vacation, whose purpose is to

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