6 Great Day or Overnight Trips Out of London

Office work is often associated with sitting at a pile of documents, a computer and generally performing monotonous tasks. All this continuously leads to an accumulation of fatigue, which results in depression and a bad mood. If you often come across this, then we know how to help you. 

Take a break from work and go somewhere where you can clear your mind and gain energy. Small cozy towns and cities situated within driving distance of London are great for this. It would be a great idea to hire a car and go there on a weekend or vacation. 

Cheap 7 seater car hire London will be a great solution for a family trip. The tranquility of small towns will allow you to completely relax. There you can walk, dine, look into local iconic shops, and of course explore the local sights. 

We've put together a list of great family getaways around London. They are perfect for taking a break from office work and the hustle and bustle of the big city.

St Albans, Hertfordshire 

The town of St Albans once bore the proud name of Verulamium and was one of the thriving Roman settlements. The ruins located in the local park remind of the times of the former power. There’s a lake, walking paths, and a playground, as well as a beautifully preserved Roman mosaic and an amphitheater, which hosts various concerts every summer. 

The city is very compact. It’s located just 25 miles away from London, making it easily accessible by hire car. A standard walk along it includes the park, visits to the cathedral and the city center. In the center, besides a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants, there’s a pretty farmers' market. 

If you want some adventure, you can go for a walk in the fields, where local people have installed signs with stories about agriculture.

Dorking, Surrey 

Dorking is one of the best places to relax in the open air and finally forget about work. It’s famous for its antique shops where you can find anything you want. Even if you are not looking for anything and are not particularly interested in antiques, be sure to check out a couple of shops. 

You should definitely include a stroll along the lake as part of the Dorking experience, as idyllic landscapes are available in any weather. If you wish, you can take a hire car and drive outside the city. Dorking is surrounded by picturesque fields where you can enjoy a walk. 

In case you want to devote yourself to the city, then walk to the grandiose sculpture of a rooster, which reminds of the importance of poultry farming for the city's economy. You can have lunch or tea at the White Horse Hotel.

Salisbury, Wiltshire 

The city is worth it to rent a car, go there and spend at least half a day. Salisbury is charming: the narrow streets, small cafes and shops, first-class restaurants, a large shopping center, and beautiful parks have a lot of interesting things for you. 

The main attraction of Salisbury is the famous stunningly beautiful cathedral with an equally famous spire. Magna Carta is kept in the cathedral – this is one of the copies of a royal charter of rights.

Winchester, Hampshire 

As the ancient capital of England, Winchester is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the country. You need about one and a half hours to get there in a hire car. 

The cathedral and the castle, which houses the table of King Arthur, are must-visit sights in the city. The history of the origin of the table is vague, but it’s really round, really huge and really very old. Don’t hope that you can sit at the table and imagine yourself as one of the knights. Only the top is left of the table. It hangs on the wall of the Great Hall, which, in turn, is the only thing left of the medieval castle.

The cathedral contains the remains of several English kings and the writer Jane Austen, whose works are famous not only in England but throughout the world.

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire 

Henley is known primarily for its annual regatta. However, you can go to Henley at any other time. What’s more, you will get much more pleasure from visiting the city with no crowds and fences. 

Once you get there, head out to explore the scenic banks of the River Thames. With a hire car, you can choose the best place. Henley-on-Thames is a city of wealthy people, which is reflected in the prices in local restaurants and pubs, but everyone can drink coffee and taste rolls in the central square of the town. 

It makes sense to climb into residential areas and walk among neat houses with gardens in order to understand why former Beatles member George Harrison was hiding there from prying eyes.

Rye, East Sussex 

It will be convenient to combine a trip to Rye with visiting the much more famous seaside town of Hastings. However, don’t leave Rye at the very end of the day: you will need strength. 

The fact is that the town is located on a rather steep mountain, so climbing up the cobbled streets may seem difficult to many. 

Rye is an old city, and you can endlessly wonder how people live in such small houses and walk through such low doors. However, in these tiny houses truly heavenly comfort reigns. Be sure to have tea in one of the cafes, go to antique shops, and look into the old church on the top of the hill.

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