Malshej Ghat, One of India's Best Places to Visit During Monsoon Season

One of the hill stations in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat is a paradise during India's monsoon season, June through September, soaked in lush greenery and basking in the glory of nature. Monsoon is the best time to visit this destination for refreshment of the mind and rejuvenation of the senses though the beauty of the place continues to mesmerize holidaymakers, photographers and travelers throughout the year. It offers an eyeful of the soothing panorama that stretches beyond the far-reaching range of powerful binoculars. It offers multitudes of beautiful views which a huge album of photographs falls short of space for. Malshej Ghat boasts of nature’s bounty that manifests itself in different forms – waterfalls, lakes, hills, caves and greenery. 

What can be more thrilling a pursuit of adventure than trekking to the highest point
, the Harishchandragad Peak in Malshej Ghat? The peak houses a 6th-century fort at an altitude of 1,425 meters above sea level. The Harishchandragad Fort has an ancient monument with a Lord Vishnu Temple inside. Among the attractions of the peak are Buddhist caves too. What fetches people to the elevation of 1425 meters is the 360 degree view of green beauty. The semi-circular rock wall of the Konkan Kada is another architectural wonder to marvel at.  

The monsoon attraction of Malshej Ghat is the natural beauty of cascading waterfalls
. If seen through naked eyes from a distance, the waterfalls nourished by monsoon showers appear like deep white sketched on the lush green surface of the landscape. The joy of monsoon travel to Malshej Ghat arises from the symphony and magnificence of waterfalls. The inexplicable view of the waterfalls casts a spell over the eyes, which only the blows of cold breeze break off. The spread of falls is so thin and vast at the bottom that one can walk through the gush of waters. 

One of the weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune, Malshej Ghat is a retreat to solitude. Far away from the commercial greed of urbanization, this hill station has a Flamingo Hill Resort, owned by Maharashtra Tourism Corporation Development. The resort with peaceful ambience is a cocoon of serenity in solitude where you can breathe in an air of tranquility. The surrounding of the resort is flooded by the waves of greenery during monsoon months. The Flamingo Hill Resort offers an ideal stay to visitors in Malshej Ghat.

Malshej Ghat is a paradise of wildlife in the Western Ghats
. With a treasure of wildlife, it is one of the popular biodiversity hotspots in India. It won’t be exaggeration to describe Malshej Ghat as a paradise of birds. Both local and migratory birds call it home. Ornithologists and wildlife photographers flock to this hill station in order to see beautiful flamingos during monsoons. There is a bird-watching area about five km away from the Flamingo Resort. The area teems with a myriad variety of migratory birds in winter months.   

How to Reach Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a three-hour long drive from Mumbai City. It is connected with Mumbai and Pune via railways as well as roadway. Driving the roadway to Malshej Ghat is a thrilling experience for bikers. It is one of the adventuresome road trips in the state of Maharashtra. The very first step is booking cheap flight tickets to Mumbai online.  

There are several other beautiful Maharashtra hill stations within a short drive from Mumbai and Pune.   

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