Recharging in the Natural Beauty of Costa Rica

Time spent outdoors is refreshing to the mind, body and soul. When out in nature, a person can get back to their roots, revitalizing mind, body and spirit. This is not just empty conjure. Recently, experts have done a studies on the effect that being out in nature has on urban dwellers. They found that the more time people spent in good green spaces, the lower their anxiety and depression levels. Moreover, they had better overall heath. Spending time in nature was also found to help lower risk factors for a number of cardiovascular, respiratory and even neurological disorders.


Spending all of one's waking time indoors can feel draining. Day in, day out, staring at the same four walls of your home. Then, you get into a car and stare at the inside of that. Finally, you arrive at work and walk indoors to once again stare at more walls. A body needs to feel the sun on its face and feel the wind in the hair and see green leaves in trees. Avacation in a place like Costa Rica can be just what is necessary.


Costa Rica offers a great number of outdoor activities to refresh the soul and heal the spirit. Rich green forests line sparkling white sands. The waters are warm, blue, and inviting. In a place like this, a person can simply recharge their batteries by soaking up the sun and sea. Or, if some outdoor adventure is wanted, Costa Rica offers many opportunities to enjoy nature. Surfing and sailing let one experience the sea. The land is seen through nature hikes into diverse tropical and cloud forests. Truly, this is a land made to help a person heal after too long spent indoors.   


For more than 25 years, Horizontes Nature Tours has led thousands of tourists on Costa Rica vacations to the most beautiful destinations, with the richest biodiversity and source of extraordinary memories in the country.

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