Every year millions of tourists from every corner of the earth flock to Rome. The city enjoys a never-ending stream of visitors, simply because there is so much worth seeing. It might take you weeks and weeks to see and do everything in this open-air museum, but if you are going for a short weekend break, there are 5 must-dos in Rome!

#1. Watch the sun goes down over the city

The best spot for sunset watching is probably the Pinciana Hill. It is part of the park of Villa Borghese and close to Piazza del Popolo, which is the location of Earth in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. It is ideal for taking a little evening picnic there.

#2. The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps

The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps are two of the major attractions in the city and are often very crowded. Although it’s worth the wait, just to toss a coin into the water of the fountain – the legend says that one who does so, will once again come back to the city.

#3. Loads of loads of ice cream

The Italian gelato is something quite different from what we usually perceive to be ice cream. Must try it! Just walk into one of the many gelateria in the city. There is a well-known (and unfortunately expensive) gelaterianear the Trevi Fountain, San Crispino on Via della Srl Panetteria, 42.

#4. Cozy Italian neighborhoods

Not too far from the sights of historical Rome there is still so much to see. Trastevere and Testaccio Pigneto, especially, have a little less tourists and will give you good sense of the local lifestyle. It is best to visit these areas in the evenings.

#5. Select the correct month for your visit

It is an obvious thing, but we must sat that Rome is perhaps in her the best in spring, early summer or autumn. August is probably the worst month to visit Rome – the metropolitan is boiling hot and Italians also have vacation in August and many restaurants and other attractions are closed.

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