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'The Beach Was Too Sandy': 20 of Travelers' Most Ridiculous Complaints


In these trying times, we can all use a laugh. And when it comes to travel, the general public can usually be relied upon for prime material.…


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5 Europe Bucket-List Wine Regions

Who doesn’t dream of tasting some of the best wines in the world in the very vineyards where the grapes are grown? Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, a wine lover or simply wine-curious, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone in these European wine regions.…


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5 Musts on a Weekend in Rome

Every year millions of tourists from every corner of the earth flock to Rome. The city enjoys a never-ending stream of visitors, simply because there is so much worth seeing. It might take you weeks and weeks to see and do everything in this open-air museum, but if you are going for a short weekend break, there are 5 must-dos in…


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Wild & Wonderful Water Adventures in Croatia

Starting to thing about sun, sand and sea or action, adventure and adrenaline for next spring and summer? It might not be an easy choice, but luckily, some places have it all.

Croatia has long been a hidden gem for travellers. In…


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Top 5 Things to Do in Sicily

The 5 million people living on the island surely make Sicily the largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a rich and unique culture, especially with regard to arts, music, cuisine history and language. If visiting for a week, here’s our list of top 5 things to do when in Sicily.

#1. Etna – Europe’s…


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Eating, Drinking, and Sleeping in Rome

The historical and imperial Rome unfolds around the Roman Forum and the world’s largest amphitheater, theColosseum, where gladiators sacrificed their lives for the emperor’s favor and the bloodthirsty spectators delight. The archaeological interest of Rome lies buried in the catacombs…


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5 Best Alps Resorts: Where to Go if You Want It All

The Alps have the world’s best skiing and there are some resorts that really have it all – from large ski areas to a vibrant nightlife. Here we present the top five.

#1. Verbier, Switzerland

Near the Italian border in southwestern …


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Nine Top Sicknesses Travelers Should Be Careful About

Every holiday is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture but what happens when good vacations go bad? Common travel illnesses like too much sun and sexually transmitted infections can be easily avoided if you apply common sense. But what about the nasty diseases that you might come across?Here are a few to watch out…


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Bali – The World's Most Romantic Island?

There’s something about islands… If you close your eyes for a moment, you can almost hear the wind softly rustling through the palm trees and the waves lapping against the shore. The idea of being cut off from the world and its hustle and bustle, in the company of a loved one, appeals to something deep within us all. It’s no surprise, then, that the exotic island of Bali always makes – or tops – the…


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Top Five Great Springtime Destinations

When the days grow longer and the dreary winter slowly melts away, it’s time to pack your suitcase and head out to meet spring! Our favourite season is simply more beautiful in some places – and some places are simply more beautiful in spring. Stuck for a place to go? Choose one of our top five spring destinations below.

1. Bohemian spring rhapsody in…


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Skiing in France for Less

Skiing on the cheap has always been a serious challenge. When we start booking your holiday and calculate the prices for accommodation, flights, equipment and lift passes, you may well start to wonder whether all this is seriously worthwhile. However,  if you are prepared to make your own travel arrangements, cut the accommodation expenses in half by renting a self-catered ski accommodation, shop around, avoid eating out three times a day and stay in the lesser-known resort, you can still…


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The Most Romantic City Getaways for Valentine’s Day

To-morrow is Saint Valentine’s day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose, and donn’d his clothes,
And dupp’d the chamber-door;
Let in the maid, that out a maid

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Skiers' Guide to Switzerland - Best Winter Sports Resorts

With approximately 150 ski areas, suitable for all levels of the winter sports lovers, Switzerland has some of the best skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and sledging, not only in Europe – the country is undoubtedly at the center of the…


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5 Best Budget Ski Resorts in Europe

If budget is a concern, and let’s be honest, when you’re traveling with friends rather than family, then consider one of the less expensive destinations for your ski holiday this year. Well, you probably won’t bump into the Beckhams, but the snow is the same color and the skiing is just as good as in the A-level resorts! Here is our selection of 5 winter sports destination that won’t break the bank!…


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10 Best Countries for Vegetarian Travel

Traveling as a vegetarian or vegan is never easy, but it isn’t as hard as many people think. It takes a little effort, but if you’re open to tasting new and interesting food and up for a challenge, you’ll be amazed at the variety of exciting things you’ll get to try when traveling. The 10 countries below are known for their various cuisine and always helpful locals.

#1. China…


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Top 5 Local Tipples to Taste Around the World

In nearly every corner of the world, you can find a local, traditional beverage that’s worth to taste. In many of those destinations you could easily arrange an organized beverage trail, but very often it’s best to simply head to the nearest pub and enjoy a drink with the locals – a perfect chance to get a bot of taste of the culture! Here are 5 must-try beverages to get you…


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The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The enchanting atmosphere of the traditional Christmas markets scattered throughout Europe -- some of them starting this week or next -- is attracting more and more visitors every year. Under the spell of mulled wine, hot chestnuts, grilled sausages and marzipan sweets, it is hard to resist the various types of hand -made gifts. Half-timbered buildings are festively lit and the aromas of mulled wine out of the local vineyards and cinnamon permeate theair at traditional Christmas…


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Bornholm Island, A Danish Pearl in the Baltic

Rugged cliffs plunge into the sea, to the north; a lush forest occupies the central areas and miles of white sandy beaches stretch to the south. That is the small Danish island – palette (588, Bornholm, in a few words. The island might be small in area, but whether you choose to go there for a weekend or a long holiday, the tiny sunny islet offers a whole new aspect of …


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10 Travel Destination Movies To Watch Before You Go

Have you ever watched a movie and remembered more about the film’s location than the actual plot? Us too. Film has long inspired viewers that’s why we’ve listed some movies that might be worth a watch before you go. So yes if you are looking for some “wow, I want to go there”-inspiration, here’s a list for you.
10 Holiday Movies To Watch Before You Go

1. Amelie,…


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A Mini-Guide to Normandy, France

Normandy spreads over the northwestern corner of France, a region blessed with a stunning natural beauty, one that once inspired the impressionists. With its lush green pastures and orchards, Normandy remains a largely untouched paradise. With…


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