Scuba Dive in Setúbal Region at Portugal Dream Coast

Scuba Dive on Portugal Dream Coast is amazing. Lots of places to dive and practise the favourite sport. You will be involved with the Atlantic Ocean with water temperatures between 13 and 24º Celsius degrees ( 55 to 75 Fahrenaight).


Another great surprise will be the distance you can see around, till a maximum of 15 metres visibility. Our advice to the best suit is one between 5 and 7 mm wet or semi dry ones.


Another important information for you has travel is that lots of beaches at Portugal Dream Coast have EU blue flag  which confirms the quality of the water on the Atlantic Ocean part, a unique place to diving, all at Portugal Dream Coast. Want to check? Take a look on our Photo Gallery .


The city of Sesimbra, is well known in Portugal has the capital of Scuba Dive. Has lots of companies and shops that can easily develop a program and help you with the equipment. Feel free to contact us through our contact form at Portugal Dream Coast website, clicking here.  

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