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Hospitality and hotel management is a growing area of interest for students, but many are confused as to the exact areas of study. We've put together a short guide to explain some of the module headings you may see in hotel management courses.


With a post graduate or undergraduate qualification in hospitality and hotel management, you'll join one of the fastest growing industries in the world that offers a multitude of career options both at home and abroad.

It's possible to kick-start your hospitality career by conducting you study abroad in one of the many international education establishments such as the Swiss hotel management school. Studying in a country other than your own is a liberating and exciting experience and since your new career will bring you into contact with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, it's the ideal start to a vibrant and dynamic career.

Here's a short overview of some of the study opportunities and areas of expertise you'll become familiar with during your study years.

Business Operations

Integrating three core disciplines of business, marketing, finance and economics, business operations gives students a good grounding and basic understanding of business principles in the immediate surroundings and in the wider business environment.

Hospitality, Food and Beverage Studies

Often emphasising the importance of food hygiene, studies in this area have the objective of providing the student with an understanding of the importance of food, beverage, customer service and accommodation and they ways in which these are related to each other.

Rooms Division Systems

Including aspects of design and furnishing in customer rooms, students may also have the opportunity to study front office practises in order to understand customer needs and evaluation.

Services Management

A module designed to introduce students to the service and hospitality industry, taking in customer behaviour and customer interaction.

Marketing Principles

These are designed to give students an understanding of organisation, control and planning from a marketing perspective. Students will develop skills to enable them to effectively control marketing operations in both internal and external environments.

Financial Management

This teaches students how to analyse financial information to enable more informed management decisions. Students will learn to process numerical data with the aim of understanding how financial information is used in management.

Property Management

May focus on front office management, but will also teach students to appreciate skills and techniques needed to manage a residential hotel or other facility, including the management of staff and resources.

Activity and People Management

Taking in such diverse study areas as group dynamics and leadership styles, these modules give students a broad grounding in management theory.

Human Resources

It's intended to enhance students understanding of human resource issues and all aspects of both individual and organisational behavior.

Training Work Placements

Some courses offer placements as part of their student development programmes. These can range from one term to one full year. Students will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in theory and to experience all aspects of the hospitality industry first hand.

If you're planning to study abroad for your qualification to enter the dynamic world of hospitality and are seeking a good school, Click for Swiss hotel management schoollwhere you'll find courses on offer to suit all areas of hospitality study, for both undergraduate and post students.

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