Tips for Conserving Fuel on Road Trips

The rising cost of fuel is a topic that we are all familiar with and it can affect us both in our daily life plus our holiday travel plans. It is not just the UK that is facing this problem; it is a common factor all over the world and with many of us choosing to book holidays that involve a car hire it helps if we know a few ways of conserving the fuel we have and getting the most from it.

Before you depart on your journey you need to make sure your vehicle is in an overall good condition. It’s a good idea to check your oil and water and also make sure your tires are the correct pressure.

Drive at a steady pace and keep within the recommended speed limit; this covers you for safety also. You should avoid putting your foot down on the accelerator and also slamming on the brakes.

You can save on fuel by opening the windows rather than switching on the air conditioning.

Are you carrying excess weight? Pack only the things you absolutely need to take with you and leave everything else at home. Furthermore, if your vehicle is fitted with a roof rack and you do not need it, have it removed.

Check your travel route before you set off. You can watch the local news or listen to the local radio station to see if you are heading in the direction of traffic jams.

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