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Summer Car-Hire Tips

Planning on a car rental this summer holiday season, and really hoping for a hassle-free experience, with a smooth pick up procedure and no unexpected extra costs? Read these few pieces of advice. Here we try to make it easier for you to avoid unnecessary supplementary costs by listing just a few things to consider before you click 'the submit button' of your car…


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Tips for Conserving Fuel on Road Trips

The rising cost of fuel is a topic that we are all familiar with and it can affect us both in our daily life plus our holiday travel plans. It is not just the UK that is facing this problem; it is a common factor all over the world and with many of us choosing to book holidays that involve a car hire it helps if we know a few ways of conserving the fuel we have and…


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Top 5 Airports to Get Stranded In

The thought of a flight delay can fill any roving traveller with dread, but fear not, after much travelling we have found the best airports to get stranded in:

1. Geneva Airport, Switzerland

You have just returned a…


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Fall in Love With Krakow, Poland

An autumn journey to Krakow, a city that is probably best known of stag parties, where already many Britons come over weekends to celebrate, may become an unforgettable experience. Getting there is easy with cheap flights, affordable hotel prices and almost everyone speaking…


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Bavaria, Munich and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest will take place for the 179th time and rock & roll Munich for almost 3 weeks. The beer feast will begin on 22 September and run till 7 October this year. The city will change into a folk festival with people wearing traditional Bavarian outfits all these days. You will find it surprising to see women hurrying to work on…


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Driving in Portugal's Algarve: A22 Via do Infante

Portugal is a popular summer destination, mostly due to its great weather and amazing beaches. It also doesn't hurt that this southern European country makes for a relatively economical holiday. If you are driving in the Algarve this summer, there are a few things you should know about the A22, the highway which runs across the region, connecting most main…


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Driving in Italy: What is the 'ZTL' and How to Avoid It

Italy is a great summer destination, bringing together amazing weather, world-famous food, and countless cultural treasures. If you hire a car in Italy for the summer, there are some things you should know, the most important of which is that there's a thing called the ZTL that you…


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June in Portugal

Now is the best time to start planning a quick getaway in sunny Portugal. June is already the beginning of the high season, but still not plagued with the crowds of July and August, making it the perfect time for an escapade in southern lands. And least you should think that there's nothing more to be found in this lovely country other than beautiful beaches, let me prove you wrong. June is a time of celebration in Portugal and many cities and towns hold their annual festivals around this…


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Understanding Fuel and Insurance When Hiring a Car

Fuel and insurance are often two of the most misunderstood issues when it comes to hiring a car. In this article we try to shed some light on these topics!

Fuel Policy

There are two main types of fuel policies in the car hire industry: "full to full" and "full to empty". For many…


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Check list: car hire insurance

Once we plan a holiday, we imagine ourselves lying on a beach, enjoying the sun or sightseeing. Peace of mind is what we long for. To make it happen, it is worth spending some time to check all the insurance options you might need for your…


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Autumn Travel in Poland

Poland is one of the countries where autumn plays beautifully with a landscape. If you are wondering where to spend your autumn holiday, Poland offers many gateways as well as cultural events for an affordable price.

The most picturesque place…


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How to travel cheap with car hire in Spain

Spain as a key European holiday destination lures many travellers to its top leisure resorts. To get there, many tourist choose car hire as an airport - hotel transportation. Here is what you should think of before you pick up your car.

1. Car size

Travelling alone or with your family? Mini/economy car goes well for single/partner trips.…


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Car hire: how to deal with a problem after returning your car

Auto Europe provides clients with customer support throughout the whole car hire process. From your first enquiry to anything you may wish to clear up after returning your vehicle, our team is on hand to help.

What should you do when you are back in the UK and suddenly notice a charge on your credit card from the depot where you collected your hire…


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What Do You Do If You Lose Your Passport Abroad?

Losing or having your passport stolen is something that we think would never happen to us. Even if we take all the right steps to make sure our documents are safe it is still something that can happen to anyone of us no matter which country we are travelling in.

If you do have your passport stolen you should first report the theft to the…


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What Is a Car-Hire Broker?

When you book your hire car, do you book with a supplier; such as Hertz or Europcar or would you rather book with a car hire broker?

Auto Europe has been providing car hire to clients for over 50 years, which is why we are able to provide competitive prices at car hire locations across the world.…


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Handy Tips for Returning Your Car Hire

Handing back over your hire car at the end of your holidays needs to be a simple and quick transaction with most people having flights to catch and not allot of time to spare. Follow these tips and the whole experience should be a smooth one:

If possible leave yourself plenty of time for the return of the vehicle. If you…


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Handy Tips for Collecting Your Car Hire

No matter how short or long your flight to your holiday destination, once you arrive all you want to do his hop in your car and be on your way. But it is worth taking a few moments to check both the condition of the vehicle and also the paperwork which you are signing.

One way you can prepare yourself is by booking your car hire with a broker such as…


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Top 5 Free Things to Do & See in Alicante, Spain

We all know that budgeting for a holiday can be a task and after we have paid for the flights, hotel, and a car hire in Alicante, we then have to think about how much we can afford to spend when we have arrived.

To help you save on the pennies here are 5 great free things that you can do or see…


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How to be a Good Tourist When Driving Through U.S. National Parks


When visiting any location we should all try and be the best tourist that we possible can be, looking after and respecting our beautiful nature spots.

If you are planning on booking a US car…


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Portugal Holiday Ideas

If you are surfing the net looking for holiday ideas then you can stop right now as I have them! Just a short flight time from the UK and you can be in the beautiful country of Portugal. Apart from the obvious attractions which are great beaches and warm ocean waters, Portugal has a holiday type that will satisfy any traveller plus they are in the same time zone to the…


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