Top 5 National Parks to Explore in North India

India is an abode of abundant nature and wildlife. There are different species of wildlife that are found nowhere apart from India and most of wildlife enthusiasts come to India just to explore some of the best wildlife destinations. There are several wildlife sanctuaries, zoos and national parks in India which are a must visit.

If you are planning for a trip to North India, here are the top 5 national parks to explore without a miss. These National Parks not only give you the sight of the wild animals but, it is also going to give you some of the best memories.

Shall we quickly take a visual tour of the top 5 National Parks to explore in North India?

  1. Jim Corbett National park

This National park inspired Rudyard Kipling to come up with one of the best works of all time, “The Jungle Book” is one of the must visit National Parks in North India. Located in the most beautiful hill-station, Nainital of Uttarakhand this national park is a home to the Bengal tigers which is on the verge of becoming extinct. This is considered to be one of the best National Parks in Uttarakhand because of the views that it offers.

There are 50 different kinds of mammals that can be spotted here amidst the serene landscape. So, when you are trekking to the snow-capped mountains of Uttarakhand, you must certainly make sure to visit this place too!

  1. Great Himalayan National Park

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most sought out destinations by a lot of travelers. The pristine beauty of this place can never be expressed in words. Everything about this place is truly magical and one such place is the Great Himalayan National Park. When you are jotting down the list of places to travel in Himachal, you must certainly list this as well.

Located in the most beautiful valley of Kullu, this national park is at an altitude of 1500m. It houses species of different kinds and the most sighted ones are the Himalayan blue sheep, the Tahr and the Musk Deer.  The National park is also surrounded by a wide variety of Floraand Fauna.

  1. Desert National Park

Rajasthan has its own charm and taking a tour in the sand filled desert of this place can quite an experience. When you are here, you must certainly pay a visit to the Desert National Park to spot some of the lovely migratory birds.

This place is known for birding as you can get to see some of the rarest species of birds. Apart from the migratory birds, you would also be able to spot the resident birds like the eagles, falcons and Great Indian Bustard which is on the list of the endangered species. This is an apt place for birding enthusiasts.


  1. Dachigam National Park

The most beautiful yet always in controversies and chaos is Kashmir. This has been regarded as one of the must visit places by almost everyone and when you are here, it is a must to take out sometime of your busy schedule and got to the Dachigam National Park. Located in the Zabarwan Range of Srinagar, this place has its own charm.

The 5500 ft altitude location of this national park can offer some of the mind-blowing views of the surroundings. The National park is covered with alpine meadows and some of the most sighted animals here are the Kashmir Stag, Himalayan weasel, Golden Marmot etc… Do not miss to spot the Trout Fish population in the lake when you are here.

  1. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Located at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is one of the best national parks to go to when you are in Uttar Pradesh. The Terai Duar savanna grassland can be spotted when you are here and it is a sprawling beauty. Some of the endangered species like the Bengal floricans, Bengal tiger, hispid hare and Indian wild leopards can be seen here. Along with this, you can also see the Kashmir Stag, red fox and Himalayan brown bear.

So, we have listed the top 5National Parks of North India and now, you must just go there to spot these amazing beauties of the nature!

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