Why to Visit Kerala India - Explore the Nature Beauty

That is why India, Kerala, attracts tourists. In this amazing place the rich cultural heritage harmoniously combines with the magnificence of nature, which is emphasized by the design of high-class hotels. They all look like old villages. Guests are accommodated in houses, the architectural style of which has a thousand-year history.

If India (Kerala) is chosen for your vacation, then you will surely enjoy the magnificent beaches on the sandy stripes of the earth at the azure ocean caressing your feet. Lovers of active pastime are offered a variety of excursions to the picturesque ancient cities, national parks and nature reserves. For travellers there are unique offers. Kerala Resort (India) provides its guests with an amazing houseboat. By renting it, you can take a fascinating journey through lakes and rivers.



Munnar Tea Plant

Munnar the word "Munnar" just means "three rivers". Munnar is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, once Munnar was the favourite resort for the summer holiday of the British government, now it is one of the most popular places for the "honeymoon" with Indian couples, as well as the famous tourist attraction of Kerala.

Kerala Ayurveda

A huge number of yoga tourists go to the South Indian state of Kerala . Popular places in Varkala and Kovalam will offer you Ayurvedic clinics, yoga centres, vegetarian cafes. Varkala is similar in atmosph ere to Goraan Arambol  sunsets, unhurried “hang-ups” in cafes, creative youth parties. True, the beach here  is different  the sea is rather hectic and the coastline is very narrow. It should be borne in mind that Varkala and Kovalam are very small villages, so being  here for a long time can tire with monotony


Beaches in Kerala

Kovalam was chosen by more “age-related” groups of yoga tourists, mostly women, to whom “a little for”. A large number of Ayurveda and spa centres are concentrated here. Treat with understanding and patience that this is their Indian version, so you should not compare with similar centres in other countries. So there are many beach beaches in Kerala where you can get all time

Weather in Kerala to visit


The best time of year to visit Kerala is the winter season. In December, beach holidays are already in full swing. The rainy season has long passed, and the humidity of the air was set at a level of 35.2 mm which is quite acceptable for Europeans. The weather is clear and warm. So winter season is best to visit kerala but still you can visit kerala in mansoon season with low temperature and humidity, In Rainy Season you can get there cloudy weather cool wind awesome & spectacular  view of mountains & lakes

So I think these points are enough to plan a tour to Kerala & explore the beauty of Kerala

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