Travelling by Motorcycle to the North East of Vietnam

Travel with ADV Vietnam Motorbike Tours and Dirtbike Travel and behold the superb mountainous ranges in Ha Giang which has been famous for Dong Van Stone Plateau, Lung Cu Flagpole, Ma Pi Leng, and so on. Whichever the time is, Ha Giang still sparkles a gorgeous and spectacular beauty. In particular, there is a special season of a flower named “Tam Giac Mach” or buckwheat, this land suddenly becomes more beautiful and attractive to all travellers. The blooms bears pinkish color, spreading across the vast valley and decorates the prestine mountainsides. In the middle of wildness, the flowery bed brightens and brings vitality to the tedious land.

Tam Giac Mach is typical flowers in the northern mountainous provinces which seems fragile but hides inside a wild strength.It often blooms in late autumn, at the end of October and early November each year. By the time, everyone flocks to Ha Giang to behold in awe the immense flower fields. Motorcycle Tour Vietnam often holds appalling ride in the season, after the romantic, melancholy autumn in Hanoi has gone and tourists head north to catch the early, thrilling cold slightly swift through plateau. Tam Giac Mach valley is unmissable destination.

Also in early winter time, Ha Giang is adorned by yellow barbarea vulgaris. This season is chilled in Ha Giang, maybe you even see the mist. Sometimes snow also appears in this place. Experience the frigid cold of winter in the northern mountainous region, whilst sip a hot cup of coffee, or home-made wine from maize, it is perfect. But travel should be careful to avoid unexpected incidents due to slippery roads or harsh weather, you had better bring scarves, mittens, coats. And also remember to wear suitable shoes for climbing the terrain covered with sharp rocks.

As Vietnam Motorcycle Tours reviews, spring time here is not less enchanted. When the cold weather retreats, warm sunshine wakes new buds up and makes the villages, forests turn colorful with peach and plum flowers.

Come to Ha Giang in the spring to see the robust vitality of all things in this stone plateau. There are two ways to arrive here. You either can travel by car or by motorbike. For young peoples, preferred choice certainly will be motorbike because this means is suitable to those fancying freedom, discovery and adventure. The distance ranges 300 to 320 km. Therefore, this foretells a relatively long ride. Yet, is it your purpose to overcome the distance or yourself? Sure what is waiting for you at the end well worth the shedding sweat. There are variant cuisines embedded taste of mountain and this forest naming egg rolls, mixed horse meat, bamboo-tube rice, 5-colored steam sticky rice, ranunculaceae porridge, special buffalow bacon, etc. Try on the food, you will be amazed of their delicacy.

In general, Ha Giang has become famous for its smoggy scene, prominent moutanous view, brilliant flower lawns as well haunting the tourism lovers’ curiosity. Let Motorcycle Tour Vietnam be your guide and together rejoice majestic setting oflandscape, mountain, plateau, valley and forest. Then refresh mind with clean airsmelt of flowery sweet.Your troubles will soothe away instantly.


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