Travelling by Motorcycle to the Southern Plains of Vietnam

Travelling with Motorcycle Tour Vietnam to the southern plains, where the cool green river flows in tranquility winding along the green immense paddy fields, which at crop will lush with ripening rice. Here there are coconut trees, vast gardens bringing us into the colorful world of a natural shimmering wetland. Travelers to Mien Tay should never miss the floating sceneries or fruity gardens of varous kinds typical for this land durian, mangosteen, dragon fruit, surinam cherry, mangoes, and the hospitality of locals here is the same as their great fruit garden, just enjoy as much as you can, that is a special difference when travelling here and other places where you won't have chance to behold so many attractive fruit gardens, let alone enjoy tasty, fresh fruits.

And another interesting thing when "phuot" with Motorcycle Tours Vietnam in this place, is not only the convenience of self-direction on the tour, travelers may also drop in whereever edge of fields or dam banks for a common quisine deeply embedded the soul, taste of this furtile land, just stop the engine, and sit by the local folks to satisfy the craving hunger with mouthwatering, delicious roasted anabas, bantam or wild rats covered in mud and then burned in luscious fire of straw, the sauce extracted from plants aorund will as well treat your savor deservedly. The scene probably reminds everyone to the peaceful, smoggy childhood drifting in the smooth, nostagic chant graceful girls sing whilst sailing the small canoes along the jade water. Don't be lured too deep, keep calm and move on. 

As Vietnam motorbike tour reviews, tour in this wonderland is wellworth your time, though the West or North, Central or South there are different types of people, you always have the opportunity to meet simple peasants. But here, they impress all tourists by open, friendly, generous manner that barely swift your eyes in other places. Therefore, if you travel to Mien Tay, locals will surely know you, whether getting loss, or falling into troubles, ask around, they surely will help you by all means. That is prominent features of lenient, simple-minded, helpful fellows. Especially the sweet voice surely will ease your ears, and always linger on your minds. Mien Tay is also well-known for its original food, such as hot pot of macerated fish, fresh steamed snakehead fish, lingchi beef, steamed thin rice pancake topped by buttery shrimps, sizzling cake, find a clean and popular restaurant offering a reasonable price and you can enjoy the true nature of such yummy bite.

In a nutshell, for those who love traveling and enjoy the idyllic rustic tourism Mien Tay means the deary river, garden, imbued with sweet taste of chanty songs, the lyrics sounds simple, sincere. Mien Tay has always drawn tiredless, enthusiastic Motorbike Tour Vietnam to the countryside water, being proud of thelargest granary plain in our country. Criss-crossing canals and prosperous, luxariant gardens, good food, immense rice fields and endearing traits of people here abover all shall create alluring charms urging your visit some day. 

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