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The UK travel business is booming, especially in the capital city. The recent focus of recruitment for travel company jobs in London reflects the changing tastes and dreams of travelers, whether business or pleasure, foreign or domestic. Here we look in more detail at three roles which all have a different focus yet share one common thread - they are all some of the top trending travel company jobs in the city.

Travel Consultants for Specific Markets

This role involves all the usual tasks and responsibilities of a regular travel consultant, such as sourcing and selling tickets, tours, and accommodation, lots of customer service time, as well as computer and paperwork to keep in good order. The difference is that the consultant's target audience is more niche than usual. They may choose to specialise in the youth or student market, cater specially for visitors from specific regions of the world, or provide services which appeal to those over 50.

Cruise Line Positions

Once the territory of the wealthiest travelers around, cruising has now become a fashionable and more achievable way to holiday than ever seemed possible. Modern cruises are designed to offer something for all budgets and tastes, from the luxury ships still targeting the elite, to the multi-priced Caribbean and European jaunts which are always popular. There are lots of travel company jobs in London which are meeting this need, with some excellent sales jobs based in the head offices of all the big cruise companies.

The image of cruising as being luxurious, special, and indulgent is firmly established, and in most cases reflected in the price of a package on-board. As well as selling cruises a consultant can expect to arrange flight tickets and promote the onshore tours available at different stop points.


In the twenty-first century environment concerns are firmly on the agenda for many travelers and tourists, forming a new and fast growing market of consumers who want to minimise their effect on the planet and encourage sustainability. Travel consultant jobs in forward thinking agencies are springing up to meet this need, a market which is destined to continue to grow year on year. Specialists in ecotourism provide the same services as any other travel consultant, but their information and advice reflects the interests of this niche customer.

For example, in this job consultants are sourcing and recommending accommodation where environmentally friendly cleaning products are used, or restaurants which use local produce. Walking or bus tours are suggested over taxis, and information on free water outlets could be provided. Ethical packages have a major appeal to lots of people, especially those of the younger generations, so the trend looks set to keep growing for a long time.

Travel consultants jobs may drift in and out of fashion, with particular roles catching the public's imagination at any one time, but there will always be plenty of work for travel consultants in London simply because the capital city is always in vogue.

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