The most amazing  and beautiful building in all of London, Westminster Abbey!

An absolutely beautiful building with an astonishing history.

If you ever go to London, do the Abbey. Even if you are  just there for a day, do the Abbey. Photos are not allowed inside, but most of you have probably seen pictures of the recent Royal Wedding. That is OK because. no camera, no photographer can capture the whole scene inside, let alone the grandeur, the history, the splendor.

One word of warning, if you have a phobia about walking on graves, do not go to the Abbey. There are over 3000 people buried in this building and every time you look down you are standing on somebody’s tomb.

For  more info, possibly including a list of all the Royals, prime ministers, scientists and poets buried here go to

We were smart to take what they call the Verger Tour. A verger is kind of like an usher for services and official events in the Abbey. Our Verger was very obviously proud to work in the Abbey. He possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of the hundreds of years of Abbey history. He had a great sense of humor as well. He kindly laughed at my irreverent questions. For instance when he showed us the places where the royals sit for services, I asked;

“Does the queen carry  a purse to a service?

“Of course” he said “Her Highness always carries a purse.”

“So maybe you can solve a mystery for me…what in the world would a queen carry in her purse?”

The verger smiled and said;

“Probably her Tube pass.”

For further proof that these men with a very serious job are well rounded enough to have a very light sense of humor, go here

The Abbey dates from 960 a.d. It as gone through many turbulent times. It is the official site of all coronations and has been the site for many royal weddings.You can see the coronation chair, but no, you cannot sit in it. I asked.  It seems as if half of the notables of Western culture are buried here. The architecture and artwork are astounding. Remember, if you go, take a Verger tour,because you will get to see places not open to those who do do not. Maybe your Verger will do a cartwheel for you! (Did you open the youtube link?)

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