What to Expect When You Stay in a B&B

B&Bs, aka Bed & Breakfasts, are the perfect choice for a couple or a single person traveling. I can't honestly say how it would be to take kids--I've been at a B&B where the owner's two kids controlled the place, but that was the parents fault, not the guests. I guess it would depend on how well behaved your children are.  In all my stays at B&B's I have yet to see other guests bring their children.


Upon arrival, you will be given a tour of the common rooms and shown to your room. Unless you go looking for the innkeeper, you probably won't see them until breakfast.


The gathering rooms are always lovely and most often have a fireplace to ward off the chill in spring and fall, as well as bookcases filled with books for guests. Most B&B's offer a place for guests to find cold water or offer a refrigerator to keep wine or cheeses. 


I've yet to have a bad breakfast at a B&B. They range from good, better and best, and there's always more than enough food to keep the hungriest person sated. This is also when you'll get a chance to converse with the innkeeper and ask questions about the inn.  Some B&B's have unusual or colorful histories, and some even claim the ghosts roam the halls.


You should leave a tip upon leaving; although you rarely see housekeeping, they are there keeping the place dust-free and smelling of lemon wax.


Give a B&B a try on your next trip. It's like staying in a luxurious home away from home.

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Comment by Pam Wigmore on July 16, 2011 at 2:55am

Hi Linda, this is my 'first time' on tripatini and I am not finding it easy to 'use'.   I read your comments about children and B&B's and wanted to share with others, our experiences from the 'hosts' perspective.   

We run a small B&Bhttp://www.ferrylandinglodge.co.nz on the Coromandel Peninsula in NZ.  We do host children, even extended families, and its a wonderful experience!  Not sure how we do it, but our place seems to attract the nicest people and well behaved children.  Many 'Happy birthday's are sung around the breakfast table with Rob playing guitar and everyone else singing.  We even did it twice in a row as a family with 2 daughters birthdays on 2 consecutive days, wanted each girl to have their 'own' special breakfast.   It was a lovely exerience for all the guests and I am sure the children felt 'very special'.   We've even looked after younger children while parents enjoyed the use of our kayak for an hour.  Having experience of 9 grandchildren does, I suppose give us the 'Nana & Poppa'  approach! 


By all means, take your children to a B&B.  its a wonderful experience for them too.

Comment by B&B Tarussio on July 15, 2011 at 11:58am

Hi Linda!!

I totally agree with you, I've never believed that they were out of Style!!

My mother and I, are the owner of a B&B in Tuscany and we take care a lot of hygiene. We have travelled a lot and learned what private hospitality really means. We are very lucky because we live in a home that is similar as B&B in Anglo-Saxon countries, during last nine years we have given hospitality to foreign people from all over the world as well!! It has been very interesting to share experiences, different culture, way of life, point of view, etc. ... .

See you!!



Comment by Donna Esposito on July 14, 2011 at 8:07pm
This is the second blog about B&Bs on tripatini this week. The other blog says they are back in style but I never believed they were out of style!  http://www.tripatini.com/profiles/blogs/the-appeal-of-intimacy-bampbs  Linda, you are right about the breakfasts too: They are always yummy!

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