Camel Safaris in the Thar Desert of India's Rajasthan

If there is a Gobi and an Arabian Desert in the Middle East, then it is the Thar Desert in India. Located at the north western part of Rajasthan the Thar Desert is famous for its sand dunes, and the plethora of festivals that takes place in the later part of the year amidst sub and the sand. 

  • Rajasthan even today is considered to be the most appropriate place for anyone who wishes to explore a deep and rich history, followed by the ones who wish to be treated like in king in the land where thousands of kings had once ruled.
  • The colourful full of zest and zeal that are flocked by people from different parts of the world, Rajasthan is a place that you must not miss to make a visit especially when you are into things that are classic. This state proudly houses Udaipur which is believed to be the city of lakes and sometimes is also called as the Venice of east.
  • One of the main reasons why people wish to go to the Thar Desert is to have a camel ride through the rolling sand dunes. When it comes to the camel safari in Rajasthan there are many companies who offer safaris.
  • So if you wish to book ahead here are the top camel safari tours from Get your guide, Travelogy India and Viator which are the two biggest booking sites for the various tours in India. When you book through these sites there is an overnight camel safari. These sites will pick you and drip you back at your hotels.
  • There will be snacks, dinner and breakfast been provided. Also there is a departure tax that is generally not included and is payable to the government for going into the desert. 
  • So if you wish to have a camel ride and don't want to sleep out there, you can then go ahead and look at this much more expensive kind of a tour which is of $266 and is a day tour that will be taking to the city top attractions and a camel ride into the desert. This is one of the most expensive day tours in India. So book only when you can afford to do so, or are rich enough to do so. While being on the safari you might come across and meet some locals and trust me they are quiet used to the tourists, as these are the routes that are touristy and you will get to see different groups from different tour operators.
  • It is believed that the longer safari generally goes off the track but the sleeping and eating on the safari is very well organized. The food here is generally cooked in an open fire and you will definitely love the sleep that you have had on the sand dune under the sky. The guides or say the camel men will definitely take care of you. The camels here are well kept. Though it actually turns out to be very much annoying at the end of the day to sit and just dangle on the camel’s back and the ones who have sea sickness might even have problems in adjusting. In such cases you can even get off the camel and take a walk till you actually wish too.

This camel safari in Rajasthan might not lead you with the adventure kind of an experience that you actually wished for, but is still considered to be the best when you have the best time spent in it. The nature of the desert is beautiful and the camel safari to this is not just enjoyable but even relaxing enough. It is even more better when you have tried all the monuments, forts and museums and the only way you could get away from all with  India tour packages enjoy your holidays on the land of Rajputana Rajasthan camel Safari.

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